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Dining Room Update

For the past 5 years, our dining room has been anything but a place to dine. Unless you wanted to sit at a tiny chair and table and eat amongst many toys. When we moved into our house, we had two very small children and no dining room table. So it made the most sense to make the dining room into a playroom.

(I’m being vulnerable here. Showing a room that is downright plain and boring. Please don’t judge me!)

A year ago, we took the plunge and put an addition on our second floor. This created a nice, big playroom for our growing kids and their increasing level of energy. (The addition is a blog post or two all by itself, so stay tuned for more pictures in the future.)
After the playroom was complete and the toys moved upstairs, there the dining room sat…..empty. I’m not exactly a fast decision maker when it comes to purchasing furniture for my house. I want it to be just right the first time. I am continually on the lookout for the perfect table and chairs at the perfect price (aren’t we all hoping for that!?) I finally decided to pull out my miter saw and build one myself. But I didn’t want to use just any wood. I wanted it to have character, age, history. Until recently, I stumbled upon our new table. A neearly perfect at a nearly perfect price!
So today we took a big step in the right direction! Here is a sneak peak.

The room isn’t complete so I can’t reveal the entire thing yet. And I have a few more chairs and chair covers to pick up tomorrow too. I still have to replace the light fixture. This is what is currently in the room.
The light isn’t exactly pretty! So stay tuned. There is more to come! We are entertaining in December so I am terribly motivated to get this room updated! Not sure if I can tackle the wall color by then, but the rest of the room will get a facelift for sure!

Planting Spring Bulbs – How To

I know it’s early to be thinking spring. But this is the time of year to get your spring bulbs in the ground (though I’m actually a touch late. I should have probably planted them a few weeks ago. But as my mom always says, they’re just plants! It wasn’t a huge investment if it doesn’t work out). And since we haven’t had any hard freezes yet, I think I’m safe.

This is all you need to get started:

1. Medicated Baby Powder (apparently, squirrels don’t like medicated baby powder and it discourages them from digging up your bulbs. I use it every year and haven’t lost any bulbs to squirrels yet!)
2. Bulbs that I dug up last year. (I know you can leave bulbs in the ground, but they get in the way of my summer plants so I always dig them up. I’m not careful when I store them. I believe they should be stored in sawdust or shredded newspaper so they can dry out and not rot. My method was more “I’m in a hurry, the kids need me and this empty box in the garage will do the job. ” So in the box they went! I’ve had them rot some winters in my shed, but this year I was lucky enough to have them survive!)
3. Pack of fresh bulbs (thank you, Costco!), in case some of my bulbs from last year don’t sprout.

Now we are ready to plant! Dig a hole approximately 10 inches in diameter, a few inches deep. Sprinkle the hole with the medicated baby powder.

I got some help from a sweet little 8 year old boy who loves to garden.

Set 10 to 15 bulbs in your hole.
I like to put quite a few bulbs in each hole so that you have a lovely display of blooming tulips clumped together in the spring. Cover up with dirt (you can sprinkle a bit more baby powder on top of bulbs, before covering with dirt just to be extra safe, if you feel like it. Though this isn’t necessary).
Dig a new hole 5 inches away from your first hole. Repeat process in your desired garden area. Wait 5 to 6 months, then you can ooh and aah at how your hard work paid off!
Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!
PS – I don’t love how a winter garden looks. So bare. But in a few short months (or long months, depending on what kind of winter we have) this garden will be full of new sprouts and color!

Hello Blog Land!

Please allow me to introduce myself! I’m Jen. Can you guess which feet are mine in the picture above? I guess that’s not a difficult one…I’m the feet on the far left. Next to me is my wonderful son (currently 8 years old). Next to him is my husband (also a wonderful individual, of course) and my sweet daughter is the pair of feet on the far right (currently 5 1/2 years old. You know, that 1/2 year is an important one when you are 5 – so I had to include it).

My first encounter with blogging happened two years when I was looking for table centerpiece ideas for a fundraiser. One blog led me to another blog which led me to yet another blog. And so a new hobby began. I. was. hooked. I loved reading blogs! I began to wonder if I could write a blog as well, but negative self talk combined with a busy schedule kept me from taking that big step.

After living in other parts of the country for nine years, my family and I are now at home, in the northwest. And this blog is about our lives here and how I make a home here for my family.

Feel free to comment on my posts! I’d love to get to know you and have you get to know me too!! Thanks for reading! And thank you for going on this blogging journey with me!

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