15 Years

15 Years ago…

Februrary 8, 1997

15 years ago, Dan had a full head of hair and I had yet to be acquainted with a flat iron.

15 years ago, I didn’t know we would spend the first nine years of marriage across country from our family.

15 years ago, I didn’t know that the Lord would bless us with two beautiful children.

And 15 years ago, I didn’t know that it was possible to love Dan more than I did on our wedding day (but it is…and I do)!!

Happy Anniversary, Dan! I love you!

Love, Jen

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  1. That is so lovely! It’s always encouraging to see a marriage where the couples not only love each other, but like each other too! Happy Anniversary you guys!

    Big Hug, Cath

  2. You guy were… and are… adorable!!! Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. Congratulations, Jen & Dan! It’s so wonderful to see a good strong marriage these days. The Man & I will celebrate 43 this June. Lots of challenges along the way, but we’ve met them together. We are both retired now & closer than ever. That’s what you have to look forward to. Have a wonderful day!

  4. love this Jen!!!!!! so sweet 🙂

  5. Jenny Brown says:

    Still the same beautiful smiles. 🙂 Happy Anniversary! Here’s to the next 15!!

  6. Happy anniversary!


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