$5 Fireplace Makeover

When our house was built (in 1997), brass seemed to be the primary fixture choice for home builders.  Therefore, we have LOTS of brass and gold through out house. Rather, we DID have lots of brass!  I have made updates over the past few years….new hinges and doorknobs, new bathroom faucets and towels bars…  And now it’s the fireplace’s turn.

Did you know that getting rid of the gold on your fireplace is quick and simple?  For $5, you can purchase a can of high heat spray paint… and in no time, you can say ‘bye-bye’ to the shiny stuff!

The gold fireplace accents literally just pull or pop off the face of the fireplace!

Take the fireplace pieces to a place that is safe to spray paint (i.e. a well vented garage or outdoors).  Often times, when painting a smooth surface, it is recommended to rough the area up a bit with a fine sandpaper or steel wool.  But this old fireplace has it’s fair share of scratches and roughing up. So I skipped that part and started spraying!

The paint went on smooth and dried really fast. I was able to do a second and third coat and put everything back on the fireplace the same evening.  I can’t believe how great it looks!

The ‘after’ picture below is so dark!  I think it’s because there is no more gold for the light to reflect off of  (or maybe it’s bad lighthing….but I like to think it’s the absence of the gold!)

One last look at the before….

And the after….

Seriously, I bought that spray paint almost five years ago and it sat in our garage.  Why on earth did I wait so long to do such an easy project?!  Now what to do with that Victorian scroll work on the mantel – ugh!  That’s a project for another day.


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  1. I’ve been meaning to do this for so long! Thanks for the motivation! Is it snowing at your place today?! Such crazy March weather!

    • Max Daddee says:

      Very much appreciate what you’ve shared here. I bought a house built in 1994 and the fireplace insert door two brass strips with brass door pulls. This is a great solution; I was thinking I’d have to buy a new insert door. Thanks again.

  2. What an awesome and easy project! It totally updates the look of that fireplace! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  3. What you said about the brass and the PNW is so true! The first thing we did when we moved into our house almost seven years ago was to change out all the doorknobs from brass to brushed nicklel/silver. I just don’t like brass. Great job on your fireplace…it looks fabulous and the high heat paint will hold up well.

  4. You may have just given me the courage to do this job. Thanks for the post.

  5. Ah!!!!! You beat me to it! I have this paint at home for the exact same reason. I LOVE how yours turned out!!!! (I will let you know how mine does too.) Great post.

  6. Oh, the brass…we’ve been de-brassing our house too! I wish our brass pieces on our fireplace popped off that easily! Anyway, looks great and much more modern!

  7. Oh what a great idea!! Will be doing this along with all the lights I have to finish! Brass was so 90’s. I loved it back then but have been over it for some time. Thanks for linking up at SweetTalkin’ Sunday!

  8. Oh that is so much better! And so easy! Nice job!

  9. I just did the exact same thing to mine!! Exactly! (Can I tell you how much I detest brass?)

    My fireplace insert didn’t come apart to I had to tape it off.. and I am lucky that my gas fireplace doesn’t generate enough heat to use the high heat paint. But in both cases they look SO.MUCH.BETTER without that 80s gold shine!

    Nice job!

    • I just bought the rust-oleum high heat black paint to do the same. Loved seeing the finished product, looks awesome. My question is this: I have to tape off my gold, so can I paint with my fireplace pilot light on as long as I open lots of windows while doing it?

  10. Hi – I had to pop over from Savvy Southern Style when I saw your post because I have the same post scheduled this weekend (we leave for spring break). Your pics turned out great!
    I was taking photos with the sun in the room. Your’s look great! I’m a realtor so I started with my observations from a real estate agent’s perspective when I see brass! LOL…i will follow you along, thanks, laura

  11. Wow! You got a lot of bang for your buck. The fireplace looks great! It looks so modern with the black paint. Thanks for sharing this fabulous update at Show & Tell!
    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  12. You did a great job. I, too, have brass (the antique brass, not too shiny) on my fireplace doors, and I want to redo it with the black, so thanks for the inspiration. And I have a brass light fixture (that one’s shiny) and I want to use that oil rubbed bronze on it. Now all this will be done when I get the GUMPTION to do so. 😉
    Anyway, you did a wonderful job, it looks great!

  13. p.s. I just read above you want to get rid of the scrollwork on your mantle… DON’T!!!!!!!! It looks perfect and beautiful!

  14. Wow, that is an unbelievable difference!! Such a great idea. Pinning this!!

  15. Love it Jen! I can’t stand brass either!!

    Thanks for sharing at Simply Klassic Sunday!

  16. Wow! What a difference a can of paint can make. Thanks for sharing, I have featured this on this weeks Restyled Sundays post.

  17. GREAT MAKEOVER! Your fireplace makeover turned out beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Saw your link at SweetTalkin’ Sunday @ The SweetTalk Shop. I’m a new Follower 🙂 Cheers!

  18. It’s amazing what a little paint can do! I love it! Thanks for linking it up this week!

  19. It looks awesome! Do you know I have the same brass on my fireplace and bought that can a while back but just haven’t taken the time to do it! Yours looks so good that I’m going to try to get mine done this week!

  20. that’s a huge difference in your fireplace screen. I did mine a few years ago, but it’s not a working fireplace.
    great job!
    thanks for sharing @ catch as catch can!

  21. Hi, Jen! You’re our Hero! (Or Heroine!) Thanks for posting this! We are in the process of buying a house built in 1997 and I think it was dipped in brass! But, we love the house (great open floor plan), the area (great non-HOA neighborhood) and the yard (almost an acre with half wooded and beautiful landscaping)! The fireplace is almost IDENTICAL to yours (in its’ previous incarnation) and we have been in despair. We are so excited about the $5 makeover! I can’t wait to get moved in and paint that thing! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

  22. I saw this and had to post a comment. We just recently bought a 1997 home and I swear that is my exact fireplace, even the trim work and I painted the brass with this exact paint and it made the whole room look better 😉

  23. I love what you did so easily with your fireplace front. I have thought about doing the same thing…also have a can of BBQ paint in the garage for years…we could be twins! I am thinking about inserting a whole new fireplace and maybe switching to gas or electric. They have these nice fireplace inserts you can order online. If your paint job for some reason does not last, remember the insert may be another option down the road.

    Next, your scroll work can be removed from the fireplace. It is either nailed or glued carved wood decorative appliques. Once you scrap or pop it off, you will need an electric sander and sand down the area it was applied. You need to get the paint all smooth to remove any outline of the appliques. Once smooth prime and paint your whole mantle. Good luck!

  24. Rebecca Purdie says:

    Popped off the ugly gold fireplace screen. Sprayed it like you said. Sprayed the actual screening since it was attached. Hope that is what you did.
    Love it so much. Once I put it back in I will need to touch up around the bottom of the fireplace with the liquid high heat.
    Thanks again for the great information!!!

  25. Hi
    Did you tape the already black parts to avoid spraying them? Or you did the whole thing?


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