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When I was up in Seattle for my dads surgery on Wednesday, I was hoping to stop by a salvage store nearby. But for the life of me, I couldn’t remember the stores name.  An Iphone can do a lot, but helping you find “salvage yard in seattle, wa” isn’t one of it’s strong suits.  I did find lots of AUTO salvage yards. Not what I wanted. Of course, once I was home, I remembered the name of the store.   Anyway, that got me thinking about our little gem of a salvage store near my home, Habitat for Humanity’s Restore.

Restore is both a great place to purchase AND donate.  When we added the playroom onto our house last year, I needed a place that would take things like our old doorknobs, hinges and light fixtures.  And of course, when you are looking for fun ‘junk’ for a project, Restore comes in handy too!!

I’m on the search for a new door for the shed in our backyard.  The door is worn and part of it is peeling back.  I’d really love a paned, glass door.  Something that let’s in a little light, but also gives the shed more character, like this door.

Unfortunately, this door wasn’t the right size.  It was too small, cost $55 and it weighed a ton.  Getting that baby home might prove to be a problem, so maybe I’m lucky it was too small.

Since I could’t find the exact door that I wanted, I tried to think out of the box a little.  This door could work.  Still fun and old. Still has a window.  But again, wrong size, which was a bummer because it was only $20!

This next door wasn’t at all what I was looking for, but I was so drawn to it and haven’t stopped thinking about it all day.  Here is the view from one side…

Now are you ready to see the other side?  For only $15, this door could have been mine….

Don’t you love that greenish-blue color? Or maybe I just love it’s $15 price tag! Dust it off, give it a good cleaning and it would make a great statement propped in the corner of a room.  Maybe with a pretty spring wreath hanging on it?  Oh why did’t I buy it?  But did I really need another door in my garage that didn’t serve a purpose?  The door didn’t match any of the colors in my house….so at the store it stays. I think I’m finally over it. Even after calling the store to put it on hold for me. I’m over it, I swear. Kind of…

Here are a few other gems I found today… Some old windows…

The lights below are kind of fun. They’re a bit disco, but in an updated kitchen, they might be interesting.

With a fresh coat of paint, this would make a great kitchen table….

Turn these doors on their sides and you could have a headboard. Or paint them a fun color and hang them on the wall.  Or maybe add some chalkboard paint on the recessed sections and hang in your kitchen for your grocery list or weekly menus.

And here is what I brought home with me….Three cabinet doors for a total of $17 ($5, $5 and $7).  I have a few projects in mind for these doors.  And I’ll be sure to blog about them too!

Thanks for following my journey to Restore today!

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  1. Please blog about them – because I myself brought three home about a year ago and finally used one about a month ago for a chalkboard. But the other two wait in the garage – was thinking a name sign for the front door – but I would rather not have my name on my front door – nothing against it just not for me. Also thought about a laundry room sign but kind of big? I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  2. I haven’t been to ours yet and I am actually embarrassed to admit that! They have some great stuff. Interested to see what you do with the doors.

  3. Believe it or not, I have been wanting an old door or window and it never occurred to me to go to that store because I’ve never been there. I’ve heard about it though. I live in the Pac NW too, so I’m going to have to check out this door and buy me a door……..after convincing my hubby that I seriously need one.


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