Second Use Salvage

This week, I went to Seattle to have lunch with my dad before he had his radiation treatment. Since I was traveling kid-free and had a bit extra time, I decided to stop in a salvage store that I have dreamed of visiting.  The store is called Second Use, and it is seriously a junkers dream! (is “junkers” even a word?)

Here are a few of the really fun things that were selling….

There were a few glass cabinets that had tons of these sparkly doorknobs.

And look at all these fun hinges! I love how they organized them.

And these old chairs for kiddos.  They would be darling tucked in the corner of a room…Maybe with a big fern on it. Or in a front yard with a flower pot.

There was even an entire section dedicated to old mantels!

I’ve mentioned before that I’d like to a new door for our shed.  I was overwhelmed with their door selection.  {This picture only shows one row of their doors.  I think they had maybe 4 or 5 rows,}  But I had a headache (got a bit lost on the way there) and had to pee (I drank a diet coke on my drive to Seattle. Bad move when there is a possibility of getting lost!) All that to say, I wasn’t in the door shopping mood by the time I got there.

Look at this fun wood!? I’m sure there are tons of projects that this would be perfect for (but they were rather pricey…I think maybe $200 per slab?)

They even had an outside.  But you can see it was raining…and I had a headache…and had to pee.  So I skipped the outside this time around. But I’m sure there were plenty of other gems out there.

I may have to plan another trip someday when I have more time to browse.


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  1. and when you don’t have to pee. 😉 Looks like a great place. Glad you had a chance to stop in.

    Hope your Dad’s treatments are going well.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  2. That shop looks like so much fun.. Right now, I am trying to add TO it, not bring more home!:-) LOVE the sparkly knobs! Blossomed to your Dad.

  3. Blessings to your Dad! I LOVE glass knobs. They are like jewelry!!! And those old mantels! What I could do with one, or two, or three…of those! Gotta suck with you have to pee while being in that environment with all the cool things around you, lol!

  4. Hey, Jen! Found your blog through your comment on Home Stories A to Z. I’m going to Haven, too, hope to meet you there!! PS-I loooove glass doorknobs! It was one of the few touches of character that I loved in our house before we bought it.

  5. Debra Kapellakis says:

    he he he “junkers” That looks like a great shop.

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