Yesterday I returned from the Haven Conference.  It was a great few days away. I had a lot of fun and learned so much. But as with any trip, it’s always good to get home.

Today we drove north to visit a beach house that Dan and his family used to visit when growing up. We had a variety of weather….

…and we did see a bit of rain.  But for the most part, the day was sunny!

We found a rope swing and had entirely too much fun on it…

And we got to spend time with Dan’s family…

It was a great start to summer here in the northwest.

 It’s good to be home.


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  1. Those are great photos of the family on the rope swing. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Debra Kapellakis says:

    Welcome home. Lovely photo’s.


  1. […] settled from my trip to Atlanta.  I got home Saturday afternoon and then spent the day on Sunday at the beach with my family. So now that my suitcase is unpacked and the laundry is done, I can sit down to […]

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