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My Favorite Things…No Soliciting Signs

On school nights, the kids and I are often in pj’s earlier than most people. Especially if Dan is at work.  Curtains are closed.  Porch light is on.  We’re snuggled in for the night.  To the passer by, they would {should} know that the porch light and closed curtains mean “do not knock on my door if you are selling something”. But there are those people who don’t understand those unspoken rules.  So I thought a simple sign might communicate with them better.

I started searching for a ‘no soliciting’ sign.  But I didn’t want a sterile, boring sign like this…


I figured I could paint a sign but didn’t feel overly motivated.  Thanks to ebay, I was able to track down the perfect answer…

 I was tired of answering my door to someone wanting to clean my carpets or selling the sharpest set of knives when I was all ready for bed.  But I didn’t want to discourage the neighborhood kiddo selling wrapping paper or raising money for fifth grade camp from knocking.  I think this sign kindly gets the point across to those visiting my front porch. {And it happens to look cute, too!}

Our door is black so the sign fits right in…

Thankfully, I have noticed a great decrease in the number of late evening knocks on my door, so our little sign is doing it’s job perfectly!!  Thank you ebay!


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New Porch Swing

The kids catch the bus in front of our house. And let’s face it, it rains plenty here in the northwest. So a little swing under my covered front porch seemed ideal for us. Getting it hung up seemed overwhelming to me though.  Would it stick out too much onto the walk way?  Would it hit the house when someone was swinging?  And what if I can’t find studs in the ceiling in just the right place?

Finally this summer I decided to go for it. I bought a porch swing.

After much planning {and stalling}, I got to work.

The studs were indeed in the wrong place.  I located their exact location {with the help of my drill}.

I primed the 2 x 4 to match the ceiling color and used long bolts to secure it in place.

And once the 2 x 4 was secure, I hung up the porch swing!

Isn’t it perfect?

I love the colors of the flowers against the white swing.

I picked up the outdoor pillows at World Market earlier this summer.

They sure help brighten up our front porch!

I know where I’ll be sitting next week as my kids wait for the bus on the first day of school!!


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Football Season is Here!

This is the first year that Jack has played tackle football.   That’s hard for me to believe….that 9 year olds play tackle football.  But they do.    I was nervous.  Reluctant to throw my child into harms way.  But I have to say, I’ve been incredibly surprised at how slow they take things….how they SHOW them how to tackle. Not just throw them onto the field and TELL them to tackle each other.

Today was the jamboree.  Each team got to play offense for 10 minutes, then defense for 10 minutes {Doesn’t it seem like I know what I’m talking about!?  Please do not be blinded by my apparent knowledge.  Because there is NO knowledge.  I know nothing about football. And since my son is going to be playing it, I have a lot of learning to do! }

Jack got his jersey today. And thankfully, I had my camera there to catch the excitement on his sweet face.

And he played quarterback and did a great job…

It was also a big day for Emmie!  She has an irrational fear of mascots.  She isn’t just a bit scared of them. She panics…freaks out…there is no reasoning with her when a mascot is around.  The only way to calm that girl down is to completely remove her from the situation.  As you can imagine, that limits us a bit….no trips to Chuck E. Cheese {ok, I’m not too broken up about that one}. No Red Robin. And certainly no Disneyland!

This morning, as Jack was warming up for his jamboree, who should walk by but a local high schools mascot!  Fortunately, the girls long hair was sticking out of her giant bird head and her real arms were sticking out. Thankfully, that turned into a great teaching moment.  Emmie could see it was just a teenager under that giant, scary head. She realized it wasn’t that scary after all.  So we were able to go up into the stands and enjoy watching Jack!  She still kept an eye on the mascot, making sure it didn’t wander up into the stands and magically appear right in front of her.  But she was victorious over a huge fear today!

All in all, I’d say it was an all around great day!

And stay tuned for my next blog post. I’ve been working on a little something for our front  porch!


Barn Wedding Reception {and a spray painted necklace!}

This past spring, my sister got married in Mexico. And earlier this month, we celebrated the wedding at a reception held at my dads house.  He lives on about 15 acres, which includes a few barns and lots of land to run and play.  It was the perfect northwest summer night for a party.

 My dad converted one of the barns into a “party barn”, as I like to call it!

And his fun tractor was decorated with plants and flowers.

My step-mom did a fantastic job with white lights, ferns and pictures of the wedding decorating the inside of the barn.  My dad built the trellis and they grew hops up the sides of it.  It was so pretty and so inviting!

The kids enjoyed watching the horses as they waited for guests to arrive.

Surprisingly, the kids stayed clean and posed for a few pictures!

I even did a little handy work to complete my outfit for the evening.  I was looking for just the right piece of jewelry to go with my green dress.  And after much shopping, I came up empty handed.  Then I remembered my good ol’ friend, Mr. Can of Spray Paint!

I have a necklace from a luau when we went to  Hawaii.  I added a little spray paint…and….

The outfit was complete!!

Everyone partied through the evening.  It was the perfect venue to celebrate the newlyweds!

Congratulations, Courtney and Silas!  We wish you many happy years of marriage.


Potential Blog Header

Dan thinks it would be neat if I changed my blog header seasonally.  I started blogging last fall, so naturally our feet picture has leaves in it and we’re all wearing some form of brown leather shoes.  We didn’t get any pictures in the snow {Dan and I were fortunate to have missed this years big snow storm because we were celebrating our anniversary in Hawaii!}.

But we did get a flip flop picture this weekend…

Our flip flops all coordinate so well….except for Miss Yellow, Green and Pink on the end! She certainly has her own flair when it comes to fashion.

And while I don’t have plans to change my blog header right now, this would be a good candidate!

Here’s hoping there are still some flip flop weather days left here in the northwest!



A Week at Young Life’s Malibu Club

You’ve heard me mention Young Life before.  It’s an organization that is near and dear to our hearts.  Young Life is a non-denominational Christian organization that reaches out to middle school and high school kids, teaching them about having a relationship with Christ.

Every summer, when the middle school and high school kids go to camp, there are doctors on hand to take care of anything medical that comes up.  Dan, being an ER doctor, has been able to serve at a few of Young Life’s camps over the years. And this summer, we got to return to Malibu.

Malibu is in a rather remote part of Canada.  The journey there is a long one.  It’s roughly a 10+ hour trip that includes car rides and boat rides (two boat rides to be exact!).  But the long journey is worth all of the effort.

Being that Malibu is so remote, there is only a satellite phone for emergencies and very limited internet access. So it’s truly a week to be unplugged.  A week to escape reality.  A week to sing, run, swim, relax, and enjoy our family and friends.

 And there was a lot of time to take pictures!  So bear with me as I share a few highlights from the week.

{boat ride to Malibu}

This was on the Malibu Princess {boat}. I counted how many bags we brought….are you read for this?….13 bags! Seriously. How can that be?! Life jackets. Beach towels.  Food {snacks for 4 people for 8 days}. Clothes – LOTS of clothes {no laundry and a messy family for 8 days}. Shoes {tennis shoes for running and climbing, flip flops for sun, water shoes for playing on the beach, fun shoes for when we spruced up a bit}. Books and activities for the kids. Stuffed animals to snuggle {just one per kid}. My pillow {it travels with me everywhere}.  Coats {rain coats, sweatshirts…you get a variety of weather}, Magazines and books {had to bring enough to last the week.  There isn’t a Safeway down the street to purchase the latest People Magazine or Real Simple!}.  And somehow, that equaled 13 bags.  Some might argue that we have an issue with overpacking. And they would probably be correct!

{Rock Climbing}

{Pirate Night}

{meeting Jon Brockman}

If you don’t know who Jon Brockman is, he’s a former UW basketball player and currently plays for the Houston Rockets.  Jon was up there as a counselor with a group of high school boys from his home town. Jack got to play a few games with him {and Jon gave the kids jerseys…hence the over sized green shirt on Jack}.  He was even kind enough to pose for a real pic with Jack too.

{ropes course}

Three of us did the ropes course. Emmie wasn’t too crazy about the idea so she cheered us on from below.

{fun with family and friends}

{amazing scenery}

We feel so thankful for a great week.    No cooking, no cleaning, no stress. I love vacation.


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