Potential Blog Header

Dan thinks it would be neat if I changed my blog header seasonally.  I started blogging last fall, so naturally our feet picture has leaves in it and we’re all wearing some form of brown leather shoes.  We didn’t get any pictures in the snow {Dan and I were fortunate to have missed this years big snow storm because we were celebrating our anniversary in Hawaii!}.

But we did get a flip flop picture this weekend…

Our flip flops all coordinate so well….except for Miss Yellow, Green and Pink on the end! She certainly has her own flair when it comes to fashion.

And while I don’t have plans to change my blog header right now, this would be a good candidate!

Here’s hoping there are still some flip flop weather days left here in the northwest!



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  1. Natalie Teabo says:

    Love the idea Dan. Okay so Jen…reading your blog makes me want to learn to use a power tool like any kind. …I have no idea how. the end.

  2. Cute idea! I am hoping we have a lot more flip flop weather ahead of us too. Maybe in September. 🙂

  3. I like this idea a lot! I think it’d be fun to see new feet pictures in different seasons. 🙂

  4. Cute photo.

  5. Hi, I am new around in the blog. I love the picture you have right now as a header. Although if it is for a seasonal change, the idea sounds great! Greetings from a Spanish in the Netherlands.

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