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HGTV.COM Update!

My doormat feature on is coming up!

I just found out that the big day is ……

{drum roll please…..}

Monday, December 3rd!!

Click here to be directed to to see the lineup for December.  And if you’d like to sign up to receive a daily email of each feature on the Christmas countdown, click here.

I was asked to be part of this Christmas countdown back in May. I can’t believe that it’s actually time for my doormat feature!

I’m pretty excited!


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wishing you a very, very Happy Thanksgiving!!

jen 2012 Holiday Countdown

Do you remember when I mentioned that selected my $7 personalized doormat tutorial to be featured on their website?!

Well, it’s almost time!! Starting December 1st, is doing a 2012 Holiday Countdown.  Every day in December will feature a new item. And one of those days will be my $7 personalized doormat tutorial!  I don’t know which day it will be featured, but I will most definitely keep you updated.

If you would like to sign up for their daily holiday email so that my doormat post will appear in your email inbox, simply click here (or click on this button below).

This will direct you to a screen where you can plug in your email address.  You will only receive a daily email for the 2012 Holiday Countdown. At the end of the 31 days, no more emails will be sent to your inbox.

I’m so excited! I will let you know when I find out the exact date for my feature. And don’t forget to sign up for their email!



Joy to the World Chalkboard Art

Yes, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my house.  Last weekend when Dan hung our Christmas lights, he also bought down all of the Christmas bins.   And since we’re not entertaining for Thanksgiving, I decided it was ok to put away all of the fall decor and slowly bring out a few wintery items.

I haven’t put out much.  An evergreen tree here. A red wreath there.  I erased the pumpkins from my table top chalkboard and wanted to write something appropriate for the holidays.  I immediately went to my Pinterest board where I have saved a bunch of chalkboard art.

I came across this:

via etsy

And I assumed I could tackle that project! So I pulled out my handy dandy chalkboard pen and simple started drawing.  I looked at my computer, then tried to recreate it on my chalkboard.

It didn’t take too much time. And it was really fun to watch the letters come to life!

What do you think? It’s not perfect like the Etsy version. But I love it!

I can’t wait to draw something on another chalkboard!

Do you need chalkboard ideas? Check out my Pinterest board!

Have a great weekend!!


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What a weekend!

On paper, this weekend probably looked dreamy.  Cozy days at home. Hanging Christmas lights. Homemade comfort food for dinner.

But the reality was a weekend of strep throat, whiney kids and a meatloaf dinner that didn’t turn out.

Friday night Jack came down with strep throat. And I think Emmie kicked into high whine mode from the attention Jack was getting. Then the new recipe I tried tonight was a bust so we had waffles instead.

The highlight of the weekend was definitely the Christmas lights….

Despite being sick, he got all bundled up and helped Dan out with the lights.

And Emmie lost her front tooth during the festivities {which was fun until the tooth fairy forgot to visit last night! Oops!!}

 Yes, we are blending holidays {you can see my corn stalks AND Christmas lights both on our porch}.  But the lights will stay off until after Thanksgiving.

Thankfully tomorrow is a new day. And it should be a day with healthy {and hopefully not whiney} kids.


We’ve Been Flocked {with a Great Fundraiser}!!

A few days ago, we woke up to this in our front yard…

The kids loved it!

And they immediately got busy assigning genders to the flamingo’s.  “This is the mommy and this is the daddy…”  They also had fun feeding our new pets grass clippings.  {Who needs a real pet when you’ve got plastic flamingo’s!}

Attached to the back of the sign was a plastic bag with an envelope and this letter…

The letter stated that we were flocked by 8th grade class {as part of fundraising efforts for their class trip} and that it was done in good spirits.  Some of our friends paid $25 to the 8th grade class to send the flock of flamingo’s to our yard.    When we were done with the flock, we just texted the phrase “remove flock'” to the phone number on the letter.  And a few days later, our feathered friends disappeared.  Our $25 donation will pass on the fun to another family in our community.

It was so fun to be part of this fundraiser.  I love the creativity. And I love the joy that it brought to our kiddo’s!

And not that I’m surprised, but we even received a hand written thank you note on our front porch this evening thanking us for participating.

Nice job, 8th graders! I’m so impressed.


Happy Blogiversary to Me {and a mini blog update}

One year ago tonight I sat on my couch and wrote my very first blog post. I posted it for no one to read but Dan…my one and only reader. And now, 12 months later, it’s turned into a successful blog that brings me so much joy! I couldn’t have asked for more!  So happy blogiverary to me! And did you know that blogiversary is actually a word? If you google it, you’ll find it in the dictionary! {Well, it’s in the urban dictionary. Does that count?!}

In an effort to produce a blog post that has pictures, I’ll point out a few minor updates that Elizabeth at The Mustard Ceiling made to my blog this week.  Because let’s face it, a blog post with no pictures is not a fun blog post to read!

Now onto the blog changes.  This is what you see on the right hand side of my page….

1. First, I updated my picture even though I really haven’t changed that much. My former picture was taken 2 years ago and I thought maybe it was time for a new one!

2. And did you know you can follow me though many different avenues?

facebook, pinterest, twitter, instagram and feedburner!

Just click on one of those icons and follow the prompts!

3.  Lastly, you can enter your email address here to get an email in your inbox every time I write a new blog post! How handy is that!?!

And now onto the bottom of each of my blog posts. At the end of each daily post, you will see something that resembles the following….

There are my ‘follow me’ buttons again, in case you missed them on my sidebar.

And have you ever wanted to leave me a comment and can’t figure out where in the world to do that?  At the very end of each post, one of the last things you will see is ‘leave a comment’ hidden in there after my name. I know…it’s really a wild goose chase to find it!  But that is how the blog format is set up.

That’s it for my blog face lift!

Thanks for reading.  Please continue to follow me as I dive head first into my second year of blogging!


Guest Post…Thanksgiving Projects to do with Kids

Are you looking for a fun Thanksgiving project to do with your kiddo’s?

Today I’m over at Lori May Interiors with three very fun and simple ideas!

Come on over to Lori May Interiors to see these great projects!!



I know I’m a day {or two} late on the Halloween post. But I couldn’t resist posting a few pictures before we’re in full Thanksgiving mode.

This year, I highly encouraged the kids to select a costume out of our dress up bins. Fortunately, they discovered their Harry Potter robes {tutorial can be found here}. So this Halloween we didn’t have to purchase a thing! Jack was, of course, Harry Potter. And Emmie was Hermione.

My dad and step-mom joined us for dinner and some trick or treating too.

As soon as dinner was over, the energy level sky rocketed in the house.  We quickly cleaned up and tried to get our pictures all taken so we could start knocking on doors.  In the craze of the moment, I didn’t take any pictures of the kids standing up! So this is the only full body picture I got last night of the kids in their costumes…

The night was a success and we now have more candy than we know what to do with.  But fortunately, my kids still ask before digging into their candy stash.


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