Back to blogging after vacation….

Sorry for my absence!!  Dan and I went on vacation!   Nine days away….and it was divine!  We took a cruise to the Caribbean with 8 of our friends. No kids. No cooking. No laundry. Unfortunately, there was also no sun and no flights!  Ok, maybe that’s being a bit dramatic.  There was sun.  But there was also rain.  And while there were flights, ours were canceled…on BOTH ends of our trip!  Though with a group of positive and fun people, we really had a great time and made light of a few crazy situations.

Since I’ve been MIA on the blog lately, I figure I owe you some pictures of our adventures!!

at home in the nw cruise

Here is the entire group!

at home in the nw mexico ruins

And here is Dan and me….in the rain!  We saw some ruins in Mexico, which were far more interesting than I had anticipated!

at home in the nw mexico ruins pyramid

In this picture, we are making a pyramid at a pyramid! {Hey, when it’s raining on your tropical vacation, you have fun when you can!}

AT HOME IN THE NW honduras 2


The above two pictures are both in Honduras….where it also rained!

But yes, we did have some sun….

at home in the nw grand cayman

And like I said earlier, despite the stress of canceled flights and rain, we still had a great week.

at home in the nw cruise 2

Now it’s back to reality. And back to blogging!!


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  1. wow!!this is so exciting….nice pictures,seems like you all enjoyed much!!

  2. Sorry you couldn’t escape the rain but looks like you had lots of fun!

  3. Welcome back…I think we had less rain here while you were gone!!

  4. Aww, Jen that looks like SO much fun! Glad you guys got to get away- FOR 9 DAYS! That is such a long time…amazing 🙂

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