Bookshelf Update

I hope everyone had a great Easter!

We were able to see both sides of our family this weekend.  Saturday was with Dan’s family. And Sunday was with my family.

Next door to my dads house was a field of daffodils, which made for the perfect location for family pictures.  As you can see, the weather was amazing!

tulip fields at home in the nw

And remember my bookshelf project?


I needed a piece of wood cut for the top, so I had  my dad do the dirty work for me!  He has an amazing shop and my saw wasn’t cutting it {sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!}.


Now that the top is cut, I can get to work on the crown molding!!

Stay tuned for updates on my bookshelf over the next week or so!


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  1. Being too lazy to go back to former posts I’ll just ask – are you building the bookshelf yourself (not your hubby)? And, yes, the weather was so glorious this Easter weekend. I kept thinking it was summer and had to tell myself it was too early to plant annuals. We both know what spring in the PNW can be like 🙂

    • Hi Barbara! I actually purchased a bookshelf at Target and am adding crown molding and trim to it. Hoping to make it look less out of a box! Stay tuned…hopefully I’ll have more progress within the week!!

  2. We sure had great weather this past weekend up here in the PNW! Looks like you got out and enjoyed the sun and warm weather. Were you up in the Skagit Valley? I live in Anacortes and have really enjoyed the daffodills this year and am anxiously waiting for the tulips.

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