I was at a baby shower yesterday and saw the sweetest two year old boy sucking his thumb. I so wanted to pick him up and snuggle him!

It reminded me of my kiddo’s….we had two thumb suckers.

First there was Jack….

jack thumb

And then Emmie….


But today, we had a major reality check from those cozy, snuggly years of thumb sucking….

Our first visit to the orthodontist!

jack ortho

ems ortho

Jack starts tomorrow and Emmie starts phase 1 in about 9 months. So at least that will spread out the expenses of having two kids in braces! {I’m trying to find the silver lining in all of this!}

But was it all worth having two sweet thumb suckers?! One could argue that they probably would have needed braces anyway. So maybe it was worth letting them have their thumbs. After all, I did get tons of snuggles out of them!


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  1. Jen,
    Did you help your kids break the thumbsucking habit? Tia still sucks her thumb, yep 7 years old and still sucking her thumb all night long. I won’t do anything cruel to break the habit, it’s not like she’ll be going to college a thumbsucker. I too see orthodontist visits in our future. Although, like you, I think it may have been un-avoidable….thumbsucking or not.

    • Hi Tonya! It’s been tough with Emmie and thumb sucking. She still sneaks a suck every now and again. Jack was much easier. But with Ems we’ve used thumbusters (they are thumb covers – like a glove for her thumbs) that she sleeps in. The dentist says that’s when the most aggressive sucking happens (at night). We’re really trying to break her of it though…the dentist told us today that he has seen a number of adults that suck their thumbs. And he’s never seen anyone over the age of 14 quit. I do realize we are FAR away from 14! But we are hoping that she’s able to completely stop before we pay for braces!!! Good luck with Tia! I love that their thumbs bring so much comfort though!

  2. Our daughter was a thumb sucker, and even though I swore I would not allow her to use a soother (for cleanliness reasons), I had to give in, because she was literally sucking layers of skin off her thumbs! And then I had the hard time of breaking her of using a soother. Finally, one day out in our back garden, she dropped it, and I had to put it in my jacket pocket of my painting jacket, and I conveniently didn’t remind her of it. The other soother we had in the house, my husband kept letting her have, because he was all about the “quick fix”. So, I took that one from HIM, and hid it someplace in the house where I didn’t think he would find it, to give it to her, and that was the last day of a soother!

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