Praying For Mercy

Last week we found out that my dads cancer has spread.  And unfortunately, it’s spread to his bones.  So to say that it’s been a sad week is an understatement.


He’s currently in the hospital recovering from surgery.

The other night, Dan and I prayed for my dad.  As I prayed, I specifically asked that the Lord would have mercy on my dad.  After we were done praying, I thought about the use of that word…mercy.  It’s not a word I use very often. It’s not something I pray for often, if at all.  But it seemed appropriate at the time.

The next day, I drove to the hospital to see my dad.  We chatted for a few minutes until two nurses came in the room.  The first nurse walked over to the whiteboard and erased her name because she was going home for the day.  As she wrote the new nurses name, I wasn’t sure weather to laugh or cry…..


I kid you not. Her name was Mercy.

Have you ever met anyone named Mercy before? I haven’t.

I know God was telling me that my dad was in His care…that He heard my prayer.

Do you ever wonder if God hears you?

I know, without a doubt, that God heard me that night.

Thank you, Lord, for listening. And for showing me in such a crazy way that you heard me.

God is good. Even when life stinks…when life throws you a gut wrenching curve ball….when things don’t go as you planned…. God is still in control.


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  1. Tardevil says:

    Will be praying for you and your family. My family is dealing with something that has the potential to be that scary, so I was just sitting here feeling overwhelmed when I read your post. I so get the mercy thing. (: I hope you find peace.

  2. Powerful post. One of my favorite names of God is El Roi (the God who sees me). It’s a powerful thing to know that he sees, hears, knows and cares for us. And, you are so right, God is still in control, even when life seems to be out of it. I pray God’s healing power, grace (unmerited favor) and yes, His mercy on your dad. Isaiah 53:5

  3. Loved his post Jen! Thanks for sharing…you guys are in my prayers

  4. Wonderful post. Praying for you during this extremely tough time.

  5. Holly Brazel says:

    God hears us and He is ever faithful! Thank you for testifying to His faithfulness Jen! I will keep your dad and family in my prayers. He loves us so:)

  6. Jen-

    We will be praying for your father and your family. Not sure if your dad is at St. Peter’s, but Kevin had a nurse there named Mercy. I remember at the time Kevin saying that made him feel better having her and he told her it was the perfect name for a nurse. Your blog is very touching.


  7. Danica H says:

    WOW…your post gave me chills! I pray that God answers your prayers and then some; He is STILL in the blessing business!!!!

  8. Jen, I’m so sorry about your Dad.

    Thank you for sharing that sweet story about praying for mercy. He does hear our prayers…and I will be praying for your Dad.

  9. beautiful post Jen…..

  10. Thank you for posting. What a blessing…

  11. Praying for you and your family! Love your blog!

  12. Hi !
    So sorry for your situation but take heart. God is in control. Maybe this will help you – I have found this website some time ago and it is truly eye opening and wonderful
    Read all the praise reports for courage
    Hope this will help you. Keeping you in my prayers. Warm greetings and hugs from Poland,

  13. “Ask and ye shall receive” – lovely that your God granted Mercy to you. It’s not often that we slow down to actually see all the signs.

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