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Fairhaven District in Bellingham

Every year for Christmas, my dad and step mom give Dan and me a night away.  They watch the kids and pay for a hotel for us to have a 24 hour getaway.  Of course it’s been 9 months since Christmas, but this weekend, we redeemed our gift.

On Friday, we dropped the kids off at the grandparents.  And Dan and I headed to Bellingham!  We stayed at the Chrysalis Inn, which is in the Fairhaven district in Bellingham.

The hotel was lovely.

fairhaven bellingham 11

fairhaven bellingham 1

fairhaven bellingham 10

While I was busy taking pictures of our room, Dan had fun with the sliding doors between the bathroom and bedroom.

fairhaven bellingham 6

{Isn’t he cute in his hat!?}

And the view from our room…..incredible.

fairhaven bellingham 7

fairhaven bellingham 8

It was just a quick walk to the main strip of stores from the hotel.

fairhaven bellingham 5

Everything was so quaint!  I couldn’t resist taking pictures!

fairhaven bellingham 4

We walked by this restaurant….

bellingham 1 fairhaven

….which holds a special place in my heart.  Exactly two years ago, we sat on their outdoor patio and Dan challenged me to finally start writing this blog!!

We enjoyed walking around town, treated ourselves to some coffee, took pictures  and walked back to the hotel when we were done.  And if you were in the greater Seattle area this weekend, you’ll be amazed to know we did all that with no rain!

fairhaven bellingham 2

Thank you to my dad and step mom for a fun 24 hours away!

If you ever get the chance, take a stroll through Bellingham. You won’t be disappointed!


Pottery Barn Couch Cushions

As I mentioned in my last post, our couch is about 10 years old.

And the back pillows look very sad.


Let’s take a closer look….


It’s like they are frowning at me.

No, the back cushions are not fluffed.  But if I spent a few minutes fluffing them, then sat down to watch tv, they would still look like this.

Did you know that Pottery Barn will sell you new cushion inserts?  And did you know that they are super cheap!? I’m not kidding…cheap!!!  Poly cushions  (which is what we have) are less than $30 each.  Since we will move this couch up to the playroom after our new couch arrives, a $120 facelift would be a worthwhile investment.

Well, look what arrived in the mail this week!


When I opened the boxes up, I was certain they shipped me the wrong size.


Surely I didn’t have to point out which pillow is the old insert!!  Can you believe the difference in size?

I got to work stuffing the new inserts into my Pottery Barn cover.   And surprisingly, they sent the correct size. Our old ones were just really squished and sad looking.

And thanks to my handy-dandy 10 year old photographer, I was caught working hard!

PB Cushions at home in the northwest

After getting one cushion on the couch, I was convinced the size was perfect!

pottery barn couch cushions at home in the northwest

A few minutes later, I had finished putting the new inserts in place.  And I was amazed. It was like a new couch!



So now, when the kids do their ‘chair-to-footstool-to-couch obstacle course face dive’ into the couch, the cushions don’t squish down to nothing!

And as always, we had to ask ourselves “Why didn’t we do this sooner?!”  I guess better late than never.

One last look at the before….


And the after….


Does your Pottery Barn couch need a facelift?!  If so, give Pottery Barn a call!


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Family Room Update

Our family room is in need of an update. Our couches are about 10 years old. And they show it.  Life with two kids equals spilled chocolate milk and dirty shoes have left their mark on the fabric.

We currently have the PB Basic couch and chair from Pottery Barn.  Since they’ve been great pieces of furniture, we decided to begin our search at Pottery Barn for our next couch as well.

We went with the PB Square sectional.  Initially, we considered this size…

pottery barn pb square sectional


But after further discussion, we  chose  something bigger.

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 9.50.04 PM


The kids aren’t getting any smaller. And I’ll be honest, when the kids are watching a movie, I want a place to stretch out too!!

I chose the stone colored fabric to keep the room light and fresh feeling.  Knowing that we will be rough on the couches, we went with everyday suede.  Have you had any luck with everyday suede?

Dan’s request for the room was rocking chair.  I immediately started searching for a swivel glider, because I prefer the look of an upholstered chair than a standard rocking chair.  Fortunately, swivel gliders are becoming easier to find these days.

 We selected the hathaway swivel glider from Crate and Barrell.

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 8.38.44 PM

Did you know that Crate and Barrel offers custom upholstery?  If you visit one of their stores, they have a fabric section that  isn’t shown online.   And Crate and Barrel  is having a custom upholstery sale right now, so we were able to get the chair for 25% off!

Here is the couch and chair fabrics next to each other.


And while I’m not 100% certain of pillow fabrics that will be used in the room, here are a few samples of combinations I was playing with the other day.


I’m really drawn to oranges and browns (even when it’s not fall).  Though I actually think this combination above could look nice year round.

Now we just get to wait about 10 weeks for the furniture to arrive!


A day at the farm

My dad lives a few hours north of here.  They have several acres which translates into lots of open space for the kids to run and play.

farm 5

My step-mom has a beautiful garden full of both veggies and flowers. Today, we got to enjoy some of the fruits of her labor.

farm 1

farm 3

And their pumpkin patch is quite impressive too!

farm 2

Even though it was 80 degrees today, it’s starting to feel a bit like fall!


The beginning of fall….

It is starting to feel like fall.

I look in my backyard and see the leaves falling on the ground…

at home in the northwest 1

And for every flower I have that is still in bloom, there is one next to it that is dying…

at home in the northwest 2

Today started out really foggy so I assumed it would also be cold.  We headed off to Jack’s first football game of the season. And while it LOOKED like fall, it did not feel like fall!  By the time the fog lifted, I wished I had worn shorts and a tank top!

at home in the nw 4

Jack got to carry the ball a bit in the game….

at home in the nw 6

And we won – 13 to 12!!

After we went home to cool off from the heat wave, we headed back out to Emmie’s soccer game.

at home in the nw 7

She got to play goalie.

at home in the nw 8

And she scored a goal too!

at home in the nw 9

It was a fun day. And it felt very much like the start to fall {minus me wearing jeans in 75 degree weather!}

Welcome fall!

First Day of School 2013

I keep trying to think of a fun way to start this post.  I’ve written and re-written my opening sentence.  But I’ve got nothing!

All I can come up with is…

“Today was the first day of school!”

I guess that says it all.

While today was the first full day of school,  yesterday we got to go see their classrooms and meet the teachers.


The kids got to drop off their school supplies and find their desks too.



But they got to leave with me when they were done!

And then there was this morning….the first official day of school.

school 6

And in good ol’ northwest fashion, it started to rain as we waited for the bus.

school 7

But the kids had a great first day. And I spent my day running errands kid free!

Here’s to a new school year!

{to see the first day of pictures from past few years, click here}

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