Pottery Barn Couch Cushions

As I mentioned in my last post, our couch is about 10 years old.

And the back pillows look very sad.


Let’s take a closer look….


It’s like they are frowning at me.

No, the back cushions are not fluffed.  But if I spent a few minutes fluffing them, then sat down to watch tv, they would still look like this.

Did you know that Pottery Barn will sell you new cushion inserts?  And did you know that they are super cheap!? I’m not kidding…cheap!!!  Poly cushions  (which is what we have) are less than $30 each.  Since we will move this couch up to the playroom after our new couch arrives, a $120 facelift would be a worthwhile investment.

Well, look what arrived in the mail this week!


When I opened the boxes up, I was certain they shipped me the wrong size.


Surely I didn’t have to point out which pillow is the old insert!!  Can you believe the difference in size?

I got to work stuffing the new inserts into my Pottery Barn cover.   And surprisingly, they sent the correct size. Our old ones were just really squished and sad looking.

And thanks to my handy-dandy 10 year old photographer, I was caught working hard!

PB Cushions at home in the northwest

After getting one cushion on the couch, I was convinced the size was perfect!

pottery barn couch cushions at home in the northwest

A few minutes later, I had finished putting the new inserts in place.  And I was amazed. It was like a new couch!



So now, when the kids do their ‘chair-to-footstool-to-couch obstacle course face dive’ into the couch, the cushions don’t squish down to nothing!

And as always, we had to ask ourselves “Why didn’t we do this sooner?!”  I guess better late than never.

One last look at the before….


And the after….


Does your Pottery Barn couch need a facelift?!  If so, give Pottery Barn a call!


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  1. Seriously! That is amazing. It looks new! Definitely filling that great away.

  2. Wow! That’s a big difference! Do you have down or the polyester inserts?

  3. Wow, what a difference!

  4. Hey – I have a question.. Are they pottery barn inserts? If so, curious why the boxes say Mitchell Gold… Is that a Pottery Barn company? Thanks!!

    • Mitchell Gold is the vendor that makes Pottery Barn’s couch. Since it’s not something that Pottery Barn carries in their stores, it is ordered from the manufacturer (Mitchell Gold) and shipped directly to the customer (me!). Hope that helps!

  5. I wonder if they have it for all Mitchell Gold couches? We have a Mitchell Gold couch that in a couple years could for sure need new inserts!!!

    • Good question, Sam! My guess is that if they still make your couch, you could order them! You could probably try and contact the company directly!

  6. I just had a client do the same thing from Restoration. It is a great fix…looks like a new sofa!

  7. Thank you so much!! I’m so glad your website came up in my “how to fluff my PB couch cushions” search! This gives me hope!

  8. Lindsay Sisti says:

    I am so glad I came across this blog! I have the same problem – a saggy sad pottery barn couch! How did you go about ordering the cushions – did you call pottery barn? Go online somewhere? Please, let me know.

    Thank you SO much!!

    • Hi Lindsay! You will want to call a PBarn store directly. Someone in the store can place the order for you. For some reason, the 1-800 won’t (can’t?) order them for you. But calling a store will get the job done!

      You will love the new cushions!! Let me know if you have any other questions.


  9. Do you know if Pottery Barn still carries that coach?. Do you remember what color the fabric is?.

  10. Sorry….”couch” 🙂

  11. Hi Lindsay,

    I need to replace the cushions and inserts for my Charlston style Pottery Barn sofa. Do you know whether this is cost effective vs. sofa replacement?

    Thank you!

  12. Carrie Williams says:

    You have just saved my Christmas. We took the covers off the couch and cushions last night to wash them. They were in the dryer this morning, I was cooking breakfast and walked into the livingroom to check on our dogs. Two of then had completely destroyed one of the back cushions and it was nothing but stuffing covering the floor. They had started eating a hole in one of the seat cushions. I should say the couch is less than a year old and I’ve wanted one for years. I immediately burst into tears and started looking at the pb Web site to see if they sold replacements with no luck. I giggled it and this cane up. I still want to cry but at least I know I can fix the damage.

  13. Marc Gimbel says:

    My wife is going to kill me. We’ve been married for over 43 years but that won’t stop her. Our 3 year old PB sofa has unremoveable stains on the cushions that were caused by me. Does PB sell replacement cushions? Inserts are fine; it’s the cushion covers that I need help with. Can you help?


    • Karin Gianniny says:

      Hello Marc-
      I just stumbled upon this blog and noticed your post and wanted to let you know about my Etsy store that offers Pottery Barn replacement slipcovers. Although the listings are for the complete slipcover, we can do a custom order for just the seat covers. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out 😉

    • Hi Marc! I know you can order slipcovers directly from Pottery Barn, if you only need to replace a single cushion cover, assuming they still carry the fabric. You can either call their 1-800 number or call a store directly. I would recommend calling a store directly. I’ve found that you get more attention and follow through that way. You may need to take the fabric into the store to make sure you get an exact match….but my experience in the past has been that yes, they can replace the cover. Hope that helps!!

  14. Kristen says:

    Hi! I found your post and decided to try this for myself, however PB is telling me it’s not possible to order new cushion inserts? Can you tell me who you called exactly that you were able to do this? Thanks so much for your help!

  15. Michelle says:

    I found this post and ordered new cushions to my six year old couch, kids decided to use it as a landing for jumping! Anyhow I went to order them and oddly enough each piece was under 30 dollars except for the large wedge which was five times that? I ordered them any how because the total was extremely lower then a new couch, but found it weird how they can charge so much for a cushion that is a few inches longer! Oh well super happy I found this post and I am excited to have a new looking couch once again!

    • I’m so glad I found this information here! I’m in need of some replacement sofa cushions and possibly back cushions too. I currently have the Down blend but was looking to get all Poly now. Once you ordered your replacements thru P.B. how long did it take to get them delivered to your home? Also, do you know what company makes these from now?


  16. Katherine says:

    This post made me want to do a little happy dance in my living room! I’ve had my PB Basic sofa for 13 years and the frame and seat cushions are in remarkable shape!! However, the three back “cushions” have been more like extra throw pillows for quite a few years… I called the customer service number this afternoon and for @100 dollars (total) I have three new back (poly) cushions headed my way! YOU. ARE. MY. HERO.

  17. Oh my goodness ! For the last 3 years I have been trying to find new cushions for my sofa and loveseat. You are such an angel to share this information with every one. Now if I can just be lucky and find out if my sofa is from PB and not Crate and Barrel , you just gave me an early Christmas present. PB and C&B both had almost identical sofas and I shopped at both stores , but don’t remember which store I ended up buying from. Anyone know how I can tell if its a PB ?

    Pleeeeeaaazzee let it be from PB, I only have 1 more baby grandchild of 8 to grow up enough to stop jumping around before I can buy my last and final ( no kids allowed ) sofas. :)))))

  18. Kimberly Kingrey says:

    Please NOTE Pottery Barn can NO LONGER sell replacement any PB comfort sofa or comfort grand sofa made by Mitchell Gold. I got new inserts in early 2012 for the back and now needed bottom cushions. I ordered back and bottom since backs are 30.00 I thought I’d go ahead now. They arrived and don’t fit :(. One call and we figured out that even though the sofa has the same look and name the seat inserts are way too big for the Mitchell Gold Version. customer Service is supposed to ask the age of the sofa when ordering.

  19. I can’t tell you how excited I am! I just called PB and ordered my replacement back cushions, my poor sofa looks awful. They gave me a tentative delivery date of May 24th but he said they never usually take that long. Either way I’ll be so happy to have a fluffed up gorgeous sofa again. Thanks so much for the information, you made my day (yes almost 4 years after your original post) 🙂

  20. Anne Marceau says:

    Thank You Thank you Thank You for this info!! My PB sofa is 13 years old and definitely needs new covers/casings. The insides are still great. I’m going to go by our store today and hopefully I can order and save me lots of $. Really appreciate the info. Anne

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