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removing wire from a ribbon

I’m recently bought a boxwood wreath from Target.

I wanted to use my red and white striped ribbon, but it was wired.

ribbon with wire  at home in the northwest

One might think that wired ribbon would have more ‘life’ to it.  But in this situation, I feel like the ribbon looked particularly stiff and forced.

After a quick pull on each side of the ribbon, the wire was out!

removing wire from a ribbon  at home in the northwest

Then I hung the wreath back up…

Boxwood Wreath and Striped Ribbon  at home in the northwest

It’s much more relaxed to me now! Just the look I was hoping for.

wire removed from ribbon  at home in the northwest

And the red against the green….perfect!

boxwood and striped ribbon  at home in the northwest

Such an easy update!


My House Right Now – between holidays

When we got back from Maui, I packed up my fall decor.  I know…party pooper. Since I had to get the bins down to put Halloween away, I put all the fall decor away too.  So her I sit…between holidays.

Here is a quick glimpse at a few corners of my house that I’ve made do with what I have laying around.

A maple leaf branch found it’s way to my kitchen window {and while it only lasted a few short days, it was sure pretty!}.

leaves in simple vase  at home in the northwest

I wasn’t crazy about my fall mantel decor {which is why you never saw it posted on my blog}.  I cleared it off, and love it so much more now!

mantel  at home in the northwest

{Dan wasn’t sure about the empty frame, but I assured him it was ok.}

One of my favorite places to decorate is the back of the toilet.  Books and a plant. So simple and yet perfect!

books and plant  at home in the northwest

And here is a corner of my family room.

target ceramic lamp  at home in the northwest

While I was up in the attic putting fall decor away, I couldn’t resist bringing down this great print.  It’s the only Christmas item I brought down. So it sits among the gourds that I’ve yet to throw away.

O holy night print  at home in the northwest

I’m not sure how much longer I can wait to decorate for Christmas! I may have to dig the bins down this weekend.

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Tart Pan Ornaments with My Sweet Savannah

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to go to a craft night hosted by Melaine at My Sweet Savannah.

It was a bit of a drive for me, but completely worth it.  Not only did I make a few fun ornaments….

vintage joy tin  at home in the northwest

…but I also met a group of lovely women.

When Dan asked how the craft night went, I told him that making the craft was super fun. But meeting so many great ladies was even better! {This is where I’m supposed to insert a picture of all the great people that were there.  But I was the new gal and felt dumb dragging out my camera. So I didn’t.  And that leaves me picture-less.}

For a tutorial on making the tart pan ornaments, please visit Melaine’s blog.

Melaine was also in garage sale/purging mode. So we got to dig through boxes of fun stuff after we were done crafting.  I came home with a few goodies.  One of which is this fun old clock.

vintage clock  at home in the northwest

It’s been moved around the house a few times already.  It works so many different places! Thank you, Melaine, for sharing your fun ‘junk’ with us! And thank you for hosting a craft night!


Building a Bed – the Final Reveal

It’s official. I built a bed from scratch….and it only took me about three years.  You think I’m joking, but I’m not.  I took me forever.  In fact, the partially finished bed was in the  garage for so long that Emmie thought it was scrap wood and drew on it.

But today we are celebrating a project completed.

I made a few last minute modifications because I was ready to be done.  You might call them ‘shortcuts’.  But for the sake of being kind to a gal who is ready to be done with a big project, let’s call it a modification.

I won’t be sharing any tutorials on this bed.  I used Ana White’s pattern, which was great.  She’s far more handy than I am.  And for me to try and regurgitate what I did would be nearly impossible.  So for more info, please visit

And here it is….the bed!


FARMHOUSE BED  at home in the northwest


Dan was off yesterday so he was my handy helper while I put it together.


It was a touch awkward assembling the bed…

building a bed 3  at home in the northwest

But this was probably the fastest part of the entire job!

Below you can catch a peek at my modification.  I was going to add big white side rails on the bed.  They were painted and ready to go.  But after attaching them to the frame/supports, I would have had to putty the holes and touch it up, which was something I did not want to do.

Building a bed 4  at home in the northwest

I was so ready to be done that I just  decided to go with the bed skirt to cover the unfinished rails.


So here it is one more time….the finished bed….finally.



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Target Joy Sign Hack

Yes, this is a Christmas post.  And today, party pooper me took down all of my fall decor.  Maybe I should blame Target….

Like many of you, I recently received the Target ad showing the cute marquee ‘Joy’ sign.


via target

While we were out of town, the mail really stacked up. So when I saw the ad in my mail, I immediately got competitive. {For those of you who don’t know me well, I get competitive about the small things.  Not over a football or pickle ball game.  But over a parking spot. Or a place in line at the grocery store. Or a ‘must have’ darling tin marquee sign from Target.}  Anyway, I looked online…not available.   I looked at the two Targets here in town… was out of stock, the other was rather vague with their stock status.  So the kids and I buzzed out to Target last night, in the dark, to search for the sign.

And lucky me.  I got one!

But I confess when I opened up the box, it was kind of simple looking. And of course there was the cord.   I assumed it would stand on its own, but you have to hang them.  So I got to thinking….how could I make this work!

Off to the bin of scrap wood I went.  I found some red spray paint too.

And after a bit of working, I got just what I was looking for!

TARGET JOY HACK  at home in the northwest

Something more substantial. Something to prop up or hang on my porch, or over the mantel.

Something really fun! I love it!

If you’d like to do the same thing, here are the steps that I took:


Grab some wood from the scrap bin, or buy some from Lowes or Home Depot {they can even cut it for you!}

Decide how wide you would like your sign.  Line up the wood {I used paneling leftover from my bookshelf project}.  Then secure two pieces to the back, as shown here.

Target joy sign hack  how to build a sign  at home in the northwest


Spray paint the wood.


When it was {almost} dry {I was too antsy to wait til it was completely dry}, I sanded the edges a bit and added some wood stain over the entire piece. It gave the sign a bit of depth and interest. Then spray some nails since they will show when the sign is hung.

spray painted nails  target joy sign hack  at home in the northwest


Lastly, hang the letters and  you are done!

TARGET JOY HACK  at home in the northwest

Target Joy Sing Hack Closeup  at home in the northwest

I’m so excited to hang it up, though I will wait!  My fall decor may be in the attic, but I won’t dig out Christmas just yet {though believe me, I’m tempted!}

Thanks for reading and let me know if you make one of your own!! I’d love to see a picture.


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Maui Vacation

Almost two years ago, Dan and I went to Hawaii for a little vacation.  And last week, we were fortunate enough to go back with some friends.

We spent a very quick six days in Maui.  And it was a perfect mix of relaxation and activity.

maui sunset  at home in the northwest

We upgraded to a room with a view. And it did not disappoint.

maui sheraton  at home in the northwest

Mid week, Dan got a wild hair to go parasailing.  After he went once by himself,  we all decided we needed to be in on the adventure.

Heidi and Marty went first.  Then Dan and I got strapped in. You can see that I was a bit unsure as we took off….

parasailing maui 2  at home in the northwest

But seconds later, I warmed up a bit to the fun….

parasailing maui 3  at home in the northwest

We also went on a catamaran/snorkeling day trip to the island of Lanai.

catamaran ride to lanai maui 2  at home in the northwest

We sailed, snorkeled, swam and played on a nearly secluded beach. Talk about relaxing!

catamaran ride to lanai maui  at home in the northwest

Staying in a hotel meant NO COOKING! So every night we got dressed up and ate out.  Such a treat.

mams fish house view  at home in the northwest

I’ve heard so many people say “eat at Mama’s Fish House!” {If you haven’t heard of Mama’s, it’s expensive, and it’s about an hour from Ka’anapali, where we stayed.}  But let me say, it IS worth it. The food was delicious and the ambiance was priceless.  So if you are going to Maui anytime soon, make the trip. You won’t regret it.

mama's fish house  at home in the northwest

Traveling with good friends, and without kids, made for the perfect week!

wailea  at home in the northwest



Week 6. It seemed so far away six weeks ago! But here we are at the final week of the One Room Challenge.

I have to say that my room isn’t truly completed.  It may LOOK finished. There actually happens to be a headboard and footboard in the room! But if you look closely, you will notice there are no side rails.  They were strategically propped up for the pictures.  {And I didn’t exactly win mom of the year award when the footboard fell over on Emmie’s foot!}.  But it’s 90% complete. So for today, that’s good enough!

As a refresher, let’s take a look at some before shots….

girls room 3 {athomeinthenorthwest}

girls room at home in the northwest

And here was my inspiration board…

girls room mood board {athomeinthenorthwestblog}

And alas, some shots for you to get a final look at the {mostly completed} girls room.


During this process, I realized her side table is too small.  The side table on the right side of her room isn’t balanced with the chair on the left.  I purchased the Rast chest of drawers from Ikea, but due to lack of time, I haven’t quite gotten to that project yet.

The polka dots are from urban walls.  They were so simple to attach to the wall! And really reasonably priced too.  I love what they add to her focal wall.


GIRLS ROOM ONE ROOM CHALLENGE  at home in the northwest

If you look at the before pictures, you may notice that the chalkboard used to have a chocolate brown frame.  Thanks to some pink spray paint, it now brightens her desk area with it’s new frame!

Here is a closer look at the headboard.

COMPLETED ROOM 2 ORC  at home in the northwest

completed headboard orc  at home in the northwest

I am absolutely head over heals in love with how the headboard looks in the bedroom!  Sadly, I had to remove the beast though until I finish that darn project! But for my little ORC week 6 photo shoot, it sure looks great!

COMPLETED ROOM ORC  at home in the northwest

The windows need something.  I’m thinking a roman shade but can’t decide on a fabric.  So for now, it’ll stay as is until I find some inspiration.

COAT RACK  at home in the northwest

It always seems like we could use more room for coats and sweatshirts. So I made this cute little number above!  It’s behind her door and adds some great space for a girl with too many clothes!  Come back soon for an easy tutorial on making one of these coat hangers!

Even though there are still a few things left to do, I’m so happy with how it’s all turned out!

COMPLETED ROOM 2 ORC  at home in the northwest

Thanks for reading and following along for the past 6 weeks! Click here to read any of the weeks that you may have missed!

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