Mirror Mirror on the Wall – One Room Challenge Week 3

I feel like I did a lot of work on the bathroom this past week.  And yet, nothing seems to be finished!  I did finish painting the walls, which I shared last week.


I have found a few spots on the walls that I missed but I haven’t brought myself to bringing the paint back out just yet.

I started to hang the shelves behind the toilet. What a headache that was.  Let’s just say there are double the holes needed in my freshly painted and patched walls.

So I moved onto the mirror.

Here is it is before:

bathroom before 2 .... at home in the northwest

It was black.  And I really didn’t mind the black. I just wanted a new fresh look for this bathroom.

I was hoping to return the mirror to it’s original gold color (or something similar).  Here is my inspiration board…

powder room update.001

I started with Rub n Buff  but it was more than I wanted to deal with.  The mirror is quite detailed and I didn’t like how it went on over the black.  So then I did some research online for the best gold spray paint, which led me to this color…




It was bright.


I kind of liked it. But wasn’t completely sold.

So….I dug out more paint.

Next it was on to white.


Nope. Not the right look.

Let’s try bronze…

bronze mirror 2

Ugh.  What to do?!

Well, how about buy more paint!?

silver spray paint

What a headache.

And I’m not loving any color.  I finally realized that maybe it’s the mirror that I don’t love.

So I started searching for a simple gold mirror and came up empty handed.

I did find this fun zinc mirror from Ballard Designs


via ballard designs

But I think it changes the feel of the bathroom, giving it a rustic feel.

So here I sit with an unfinished mirror.  It’s hanging in the bathroom with painters tape still on it.  This is what the bathroom looks like today…

bronze mirror 3

I wish I had a finished product to share this week! Unfortunately, I have made a few baby steps and haven’t crossed much off my list! Here’s hoping the next week brings me better luck.

What would you do with this mirror? Please share!


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  1. Have you considered painting only the inner rim gold? Or using gold rub n buff instead of spray. Maybe glossy white on the outer rim? I think if you paint the outer edge glossy white and inner edge gold, when the floor is done it will all tie together real nice. Just enough gold for glam and to tie in the faucet hardware and not too much to make the light fixture awkward. Just my two cents. Can’t wait to see what you do!!

  2. I have two ideas for the mirror. The first is to spray it gold again, but then apply an antique glaze on it to tone down the bright shininess. The other dea is keep it bronze, but go get some rub n buff in gold to apply on top. I love using rub n buff ( but be careful of ventilation or it can make you sick)

  3. Sorry you’re having such a hard time with the mirror. I wish I could help but I’ve never used gold paint or rub n buff. I do like the idea of the brass look but again I’m no help in that department. Good luck, I know you’ll come up with something great.

  4. HELLO!!
    Just a quick thought on the mirror: gold, then white and sand to show the gold underneath?? Can’t wait to see the end result!:)

  5. I had some major creative blocks this week. It helped for me to just step away and do something else, totally unrelated. Maybe that will help. This challenge can be so mentally exhausting!!

  6. Sorry about your mirror issues. You need to love it, no matter what everyone else says. The right idea/mirror will come to you. I find great mirrors on CL…good luck.

  7. Way to keep it real! My favorite gold spray paint is Design Masters gold (I find it at Michaels). Its a pretty gold but you may be right- you just don’t like the mirror. I didn’t accomplish much this week either! Hopefully we both fair well next week!

  8. No worries Jen. You do have a lot to show. I am sorry your choice of mirror did not work out, but like Linda said, you do need to love it. After trying and failing so many times, I am happy you decided it was not right for the space. Keep looking, you will find the right one in time. Good luck!

  9. I liked the bronze on the mirror but maybe it just looked better on my monitor. Good luck!

  10. I know the feeling when you have your heart set on something and it just doesn’t turn out that way. Another option is to spray it again with antique gold. I used this for my front entryway hall mirror and loved the results. I left some of the black show for effect so I didn’t have to worry about antiquing it as much aka rub. Also, HomeGoods and Target stylish and budget friendly mirrors. Good luck!

  11. Hi Jen! I actually really liked the gold mirror with the white paint over it. If you’re not looking for such an “antiquey” or rustic look maybe use less white so more of the gold shows through. Either way, looking forward to seeing what you’ll decide to do next week! Good luck

  12. The mirror looks great! Don’t fret, I’m sure it will all start coming together in a jiffy!

  13. All the variations of the mirror look good but different than your inspiration image. Is the one that you used for your mood board available for sale? It has really straight, clean lines. You have inspired me to get off my duff and do my painting! 🙂

  14. Patty S Wells says:

    Perhaps you could go back to the gold, and then brush on an antiquing glaze. I did this several years ago to a broken egg and dart plaster mirror frame purchased at a flea market. First, I repaired some broken corners with sculpey modeling clay. Then I painted it English red to give it depth. Next I used gold liquid gems paint from Michaels, and the final two coats were an antiquing glaze and an acrylic sealer. It was a lot of steps, but the frame dried quickly between coats. Incidentally, I practiced on a piece of scrap molding, which gave me a preview of the finished the project. Whether you repaint the mirror or replace it, you will get the look you want in the end – best of luck.

  15. Have you tried Design Masters paint? They have several gold metallic finishes. Check out their web site and Michaels carries it too. My store only had 1 gold option but I really liked it. It was a soft sort of brushed gold and it might be perfect for your space.

  16. What about spraypainting your mirror an accent color, like coral or teal blue? Is that going in a completely different direction than you want? Something like this perhaps? http://www.pinterest.com/pin/33354853464769063/
    or this?

  17. Personally, I love metallics, but if you find it’s not working in the room for you, why not try incorporating another color? It looks like you’re going with a navy rug, so maybe a kelly green or orange would work in with the navy. Especially if you found other bath linens that all the colors you’re using. Or, you could maybe do a high gloss white and just gold leaf the outside edges? This process is nerve wracking, isn’t it? I kind of can’t wait to get through the next few weeks and have it be over! Good luck with your mirror! I can’t wait to see what you decide!


  18. I didn’t get anything done this week either for my ORC! Lots of things started, but nothing finished – you are not alone :). I will echo what several others mentioned – rub n buff is great if you just want a gold accent – then you can highlight the places you want, whatever color you choose for the base. Good luck!!

  19. I love the bronze mirror! But…I guess it is not the look you are looking for…I am worried about my room too – things are not exactly as I envisioned they would be. I wish you the best-I am 100% sure that whatever you decide will be beautiful!

    • Actually, the bronze is warming up to me too. Though this morning I tried yet another color! Hopefully I’ll have decided by next weeks update!

  20. I’m sorry to see that you couldn’t find the frame color that works for you. I wonder if its the mirror itself. The gold paint seems to bring out the decorative carvings, which weren’t as noticeable when it was black. I really hope you find what you are looking for. If all else fails, you can try replacing the frame with one a simple picture frame of the same size and painting that. Good luck!

  21. I had a similar issue with a mirror. It was large and bright gold – too much gold. I rubbed on brown wax shoe polish (like a rub n buff hack) and toned down the gold. I rubbed it on with an old t-shirt. The wax settles beautifully in the moulding and carved parts of the frame. It is now a beautiful mirror with depth. Go easy on the polish at first until you get the desired effect. I’ve been doing this with bright gold picture frames for years. Good luck!

  22. I just bought Design Masters based on recs, but haven’t tried it yet… I also like the white with the gold underneath. HomeGoods, Target or Ikea might have something you like…


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