Master Bath Renovation – week 6

Here we are, six weeks into the bathroom renovation. ¬†This week, things really started coming together because…

…our tile was installed!

I love seeing a vision come to life. Something that was once on paper, slowly installed and creating a real life visual.

Pretty exciting.

I’m just going to dive right into the pictures. Because that’s what everyone wants to see, right?!

You may have seen this one on instagram…

our floors!


And the shower….

(please pardon the iphone pics)




What do you think?!

I absolutely love it.

Every bit.

Counters and sinks were installed yesterday. So make sure you come back next week for a week 7 update!


If you’ve missed previous weeks, click below:

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  1. Looking good!! Love the niches. Wish I had done that.

    • Thank you, Stacey! I’m not sure we’ll need both of them. But since the walls were opened up, I figured “Why not!” May as well make the most use of the space!

  2. I love it especially those floors!! #dreambathroom

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