A day at the farm

My dad lives a few hours north of here.  They have several acres which translates into lots of open space for the kids to run and play.

farm 5

My step-mom has a beautiful garden full of both veggies and flowers. Today, we got to enjoy some of the fruits of her labor.

farm 1

farm 3

And their pumpkin patch is quite impressive too!

farm 2

Even though it was 80 degrees today, it’s starting to feel a bit like fall!


First Day of School 2013

I keep trying to think of a fun way to start this post.  I’ve written and re-written my opening sentence.  But I’ve got nothing!

All I can come up with is…

“Today was the first day of school!”

I guess that says it all.

While today was the first full day of school,  yesterday we got to go see their classrooms and meet the teachers.


The kids got to drop off their school supplies and find their desks too.



But they got to leave with me when they were done!

And then there was this morning….the first official day of school.

school 6

And in good ol’ northwest fashion, it started to rain as we waited for the bus.

school 7

But the kids had a great first day. And I spent my day running errands kid free!

Here’s to a new school year!

{to see the first day of pictures from past few years, click here}

Mt. Rainier…A Day Trip

In an effort to soak up the last few days of summer vacation, we took a day trip to Mt. Rainier last week with some friends.

mt rainier 3

The weather wasn’t perfect.  We had some clouds…we do live in Washington, after all, so clouds shouldn’t be a surprise to us!  But I think we had better weather on the mountain than we would have had if we’d stayed home!

I was so surprised at how well the kids did on the walk!

mt rainier 1

There was a bit of complaining at the beginning, but once the kids got into the groove, it was smooth sailing from there!

We kept saying how it felt like we were in Switzerland.

{Disclaimer: I have never been to Switzerland.  So my apologies if Mt. Rainier is no where close to the beauty of Switzerland.  But it sure was pretty!}

mt rainier 2

This is our last week of summer vacation.  The kids are back in school after labor day.  So Dan and I have started our ‘September list’ of projects we would like to tackle when the kids are back in school.

I got a head start this weekend and tackled the coat closet…

too many bags


What a total disaster!  The image above is only SOME of my bags and purses.

My next blog post is on the closet transformation.  So come back later this week to read more about my hoarding issue!



Hood Canal Vacation

We recently got back from a few days away with Dan’s family.  As many of you know, weather in the northwest isn’t always dependable. But we were incredibly lucky and every day was sunny from morning til night.

Here are a few favorite pictures of our time away.

…early morning fishing…


…the kids both caught fish….


….oyster shell collection…


…family pic….


Here’s hoping for more sunny weather this month!



Praying For Mercy

Last week we found out that my dads cancer has spread.  And unfortunately, it’s spread to his bones.  So to say that it’s been a sad week is an understatement.


He’s currently in the hospital recovering from surgery.

The other night, Dan and I prayed for my dad.  As I prayed, I specifically asked that the Lord would have mercy on my dad.  After we were done praying, I thought about the use of that word…mercy.  It’s not a word I use very often. It’s not something I pray for often, if at all.  But it seemed appropriate at the time.

The next day, I drove to the hospital to see my dad.  We chatted for a few minutes until two nurses came in the room.  The first nurse walked over to the whiteboard and erased her name because she was going home for the day.  As she wrote the new nurses name, I wasn’t sure weather to laugh or cry…..


I kid you not. Her name was Mercy.

Have you ever met anyone named Mercy before? I haven’t.

I know God was telling me that my dad was in His care…that He heard my prayer.

Do you ever wonder if God hears you?

I know, without a doubt, that God heard me that night.

Thank you, Lord, for listening. And for showing me in such a crazy way that you heard me.

God is good. Even when life stinks…when life throws you a gut wrenching curve ball….when things don’t go as you planned…. God is still in control.


A New Computer

My laptop is old.  I believe it’s 5 years old.  And in computer life, that’s old!  It’s slow and has a hard time keeping up.  So, it was time for an upgrade.

Dan was off one day this week so we headed to the Mac store to do some research.  And while we didn’t come home with a new computer, we placed an order for one!!

This is similar to the one that should be heading my way in the next few days {I hope!}.


We are a Mac family.   We drank the kool-aid and are convinced that Apple has the best products out there.

While I’m looking forward to my newer and faster computer, I hate that I’ll be without it for a day or two while all of my data is transferred over.

While I’m enjoying a computer free day, you should check out my social media pages!

Come follow me on twitter …

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Or on instagram …


Or how about Pinterest

Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 10.04.18 PM

If you don’t currently follow me on social media, please click one of the links below!  And hopefully I’ll be back in a few days visiting you from my new laptop!



I was at a baby shower yesterday and saw the sweetest two year old boy sucking his thumb. I so wanted to pick him up and snuggle him!

It reminded me of my kiddo’s….we had two thumb suckers.

First there was Jack….

jack thumb

And then Emmie….


But today, we had a major reality check from those cozy, snuggly years of thumb sucking….

Our first visit to the orthodontist!

jack ortho

ems ortho

Jack starts tomorrow and Emmie starts phase 1 in about 9 months. So at least that will spread out the expenses of having two kids in braces! {I’m trying to find the silver lining in all of this!}

But was it all worth having two sweet thumb suckers?! One could argue that they probably would have needed braces anyway. So maybe it was worth letting them have their thumbs. After all, I did get tons of snuggles out of them!


Bookshelf Update

I hope everyone had a great Easter!

We were able to see both sides of our family this weekend.  Saturday was with Dan’s family. And Sunday was with my family.

Next door to my dads house was a field of daffodils, which made for the perfect location for family pictures.  As you can see, the weather was amazing!

tulip fields at home in the nw

And remember my bookshelf project?


I needed a piece of wood cut for the top, so I had  my dad do the dirty work for me!  He has an amazing shop and my saw wasn’t cutting it {sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!}.


Now that the top is cut, I can get to work on the crown molding!!

Stay tuned for updates on my bookshelf over the next week or so!


Weekend Getaway

Things have been quiet on my blog lately!  So I thought I’d give you a glimpse of some fun we had this weekend.

The kids had a long weekend. And Dan wasn’t scheduled to work.  So we headed to the snow!

We went sledding….

family weekend 1

family weekend 2

…we took the kids skiing…

family weekend 6

family weekend 5

…and went on a sleigh ride….

family weekend 3

Such a fun weekend! But as always, it feels good to be home.


Back to blogging after vacation….

Sorry for my absence!!  Dan and I went on vacation!   Nine days away….and it was divine!  We took a cruise to the Caribbean with 8 of our friends. No kids. No cooking. No laundry. Unfortunately, there was also no sun and no flights!  Ok, maybe that’s being a bit dramatic.  There was sun.  But there was also rain.  And while there were flights, ours were canceled…on BOTH ends of our trip!  Though with a group of positive and fun people, we really had a great time and made light of a few crazy situations.

Since I’ve been MIA on the blog lately, I figure I owe you some pictures of our adventures!!

at home in the nw cruise

Here is the entire group!

at home in the nw mexico ruins

And here is Dan and me….in the rain!  We saw some ruins in Mexico, which were far more interesting than I had anticipated!

at home in the nw mexico ruins pyramid

In this picture, we are making a pyramid at a pyramid! {Hey, when it’s raining on your tropical vacation, you have fun when you can!}

AT HOME IN THE NW honduras 2


The above two pictures are both in Honduras….where it also rained!

But yes, we did have some sun….

at home in the nw grand cayman

And like I said earlier, despite the stress of canceled flights and rain, we still had a great week.

at home in the nw cruise 2

Now it’s back to reality. And back to blogging!!


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