jord wood watch + a giveaway

Have you seen these amazing wood watches all over social media?!


I’ve admired them from afar for quite a bit. But a few weeks ago, JORD asked me to review one of their watches!

Talk about a happy mail day when this beauty arrived in my mailbox!


I think it’s even prettier in person.

I selected the Fieldcrest watch in zebrawood and maple.  I love the color variation of the wood.

I feel like this isn’t just any ol’ watch either.   It’s interesting. It’s WOOD!

* The wood comes from West Africa {how cool is that!?}

*The natural zebrawood and maple are hand treated with tung oils

*It comes with a scratch resistent mineral glass (I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a scratched watch face before and it flat out stinks!)


My personal favorite things about this watch are:

*It feels like a decorative bracelet, yet it’s so functional! It’s another beautiful piece of jewelry.

*It’s a conversation piece!  I’ve had lots of comments and questions about this cute thing.

*And it’s SO LIGHTWEIGHT!  Honestly. Whenever someone comments on my watch, I take if off and show them how light it is.  I’m barely aware that it’s on my wrist.

So now to the exciting part! JORD is doing a giveaway!!  The contest winner gets a $75 e-gift code to the JORD shop.  And all other entrants (Did you  read that?! ALL OTHER ENTRANTS!) will receive a $20 e-code just for entering the drawing.  It’s a win-win either way! You either get a $20 discount – or a $75 discount!

To enter click the image below:


 or go to this link:

The contest will close on September 18th at 11:59 pm.  Both the $75 and $20 codes will expire on January 31, 2017.

. . . this post was sponsored by JORD wood watches . . .

A Week in Pictures

Here are a few Instagram snapshots of my past week.

Now that the kids are both in school all day, I can hit the pavement and get some runs in…alone! No one riding beside me on a bike.  Just me, my headphones and a sweaty run ahead of me!

I’ve been working my tail off lately, getting in shape. Making better food choices and making sure I get some excercise in.  And as a benefit to all that work, I’ve been enjoying wearing a belt!   These orange cords {which look super neon in the photo. Hopefully they aren’t that bright in person!} are one of my favorite purchases this fall.  The cords and sweatshirt are both from the Gap.

Dan was gone on Saturday so I took the kids to see Hotel Transylvania.  We all enjoyed the movie. {Looks like someone’s fingernails – ahem, me! – need attention!  Maybe I should have squeezed in a manicure too!}

Here’s another fun outfit, with a belt!

Shirt  {Old Navy}, Pants {Loft}, Belt {Gap}, Watch {Nordstrom BP}, Necklace {Target}

And lastly, some pumpkins that my mom grew. Aren’t they fun!

I love this time of year.


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Guest Post – Serenity Now

Have you visited the Serenity Now blog?!  {Don’t you love that name?!}

Amanda is the mom of two sweet little girls and aims for ‘serenity through creativity’.  I think every mom can relate to that!!

Amanda invited me over to her blog today to share one of my favorite tutorials with her readers. Do you remember my simple placemat purse tutorial?!

If you missed this tutorial the first time around, head on over to Serenity Now to read it.  And make sure you browse Amanda’s fun blog while you are over there….you will be inspired!

Have a great day!!


How To Remove Gel Nail Polish

Have you had a gel manicure?   Salons advertise a gel manicure to stay on your nails anywhere between two and three weeks.  (I confess I have not had these results, but mine have lasted a good 10 days.)  I do love a gel manicure.  But removing a gel manicure is a process. And a pain, in my opinion.  You will find yourself sitting like this, with your hands sitting in acetone for far too long.

Then you scrape your nails to get the gel off.  Soak them some more. Scrape. Soak. Scrape. Soak. Scrape. Soak. You get the point!

On my girls weekend, one of my friends had a novel idea….wrap your fingertips in acetone with foil around them (which should generate some heat, thus speeding up the process).  Since my fingernails were starting to look a big haggard, I figured I’d give it a try.  I was pleasantly surprised….it worked!

Here is how to remove gel nail polish in three easy steps.


Gather supplies: gauze, tin foil and acetone (mine was purchased in Mexico, hence the spanish).


Soak gauze with acetone .  Put gauze on nails and wrap fingertips in foil.


Let acetone sit on nails for five to seven minutes. Take foil off and check to see if they are ready to scrape. You shouldn’t even need a tool to scrape the gel polish. My thumb was my tool and the gel came off easy as can be!

After a few minutes, your nails should be gel free!

(Looks like my nails could use a little solar oil and lotion…or maybe a new gel manicure!)

Pretty easy, huh?!

***Disclaimer: I am a a blog writer, a mom, a decorator and a fan of DIY. I did not go to beauty school nor do I paint nails for a living.  This is just a method that my hair stylist recommended for me to try to remove my gel polish at home.  I have found it to be easy and successful over and over again.  Though the gel nail polish does tend to make your nails a bit more thin and weak, so keep that in mind when getting your nails polished next time.  This method tends to be more gentle that the rough scraping I have had done at a salon. I hope you have as much success as I have had with it!  Thanks for reading!!***

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A Day in Pictures…Accessories

I feel like I’m always running errands.  I know I create a lot of them – they aren’t always necessary.  People do indeed survive without going to Target EVERY day.   Target, as well as a few other stores, were on my list for today….look for a sunhat,  a watch,  a camo t-shirt for Jack’s school performance and so on.  When I got home, I sensed a theme as I unpacked my bags….. apparently today I was focused on accessories.

My first accessory purchase was to replace my watch.  When we were in Mexico, I swam laps a few mornings with my sister in law.  (We may have actually done more chatting than swimming, but it was a fun girl time without any kids in tow).  Those mornings submerged in the pool ruined my sports watch (which is supposed to be waterproof).  When we got home, I did the dry rice trick….you place the item with the water damage (watch, cell phone…) in dry rice for several days and it will (should!) clear up.

It’s worked for me before.  But this time, I was unlucky.  Here is my watch after several days…

Still water damaged.  So ‘new watch’ made it onto my Target shopping list.  I’ve done the black/gray watch color combo several times before. So today, I went for a new look…

Is it ok to have a white sports watch?! I hope so! Because now I own one!!

I also popped into Forever 21 to check out their jewelry. I have a love/hate relationship with that store.  There are so many deals there….but the layout and chaos gives me anxiety.  And let’s face it, I’m not 21…. I’m 39 (I have to say that as much as I can….In two short weeks I turn the big 4-0!).  And I don’t love the return policy at Forever 21.   But I do love their jewelry – and I love the price of their jewelry!   Look what I got today for a mere $15!  $3 for the earrings, $7 for the necklace…

…and only $5 for this cute bracelet!

And lastly….I’ve been on the hunt for a sun hat.  The past year, our family has had two cases of Melanoma.  So we are trying desperately to be careful in the sun!  I bought a hat at Target and dragged it to Mexico a few weeks ago. It was the floppiest of floppy hats.   When I took it out of my suitcase, it flopped in all the wrong places. I didn’t end up wearing it on our trip so I returned it when we got home.  Since then, I’ve been looking for a sun hat. I guess I have a big noggin as I can’t seem to find a fun sunhat that fits comfortably.  So…..back to Target I went for the floppy hat.  Apparently I didn’t learn the first time, but I’m giving it a second go.  What do you think?

We’ll see if the hat makes the cut.  It’ll be shoved into a suitcase this weekend while I head to Las Vegas for a girls weekend (along with my new sunglasses from Old Navy – also purchased today!).  It’s supposed to be 98 degrees there (Yikes!). If a hat is needed, at least I’ll be prepared!! And I think after today, I’ll be fully accessorized for my weekend away!


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The Year of the Scarf

This blog isn’t intended to be for clothing and fashion.  But today I couldn’t help myself!!  This has been the season of the unity scarf for me.  I have two in particular that I love.  And both happen to go with what has become my favorite outfit.  It’s comfortable and fashionable (at least i hope it’s fashionable!).

Here is the black scarf with black boots.

Here is a close up that will hopefully help you see the black scarf a bit better.

And look what happens when you switch up the scarf and boots? Totally different look!  A few years ago, I would have never worn black with brown…it seemed like a fashion faux pas to me. But now, it works!

There are so many great scarves out there.  And I’m always looking for a fun way to wear them!  I came across this great video that is both fascinating and educational to watch.  Are you looking for a new way to tie a scarf? Or just interesting in watching some great video editing?  Then watch this!

I hope you found some new ways to wear a scarf today!!

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