Master Bath Renovation – Week 3 and 4

We’re one month into the bathroom renovation.  While week 3 did have some forward progress, it didn’t produce the most exciting of pictures. So I’m combining my post to include weeks 3 and 4.

If you’re just joining me, or in case you forgot, here are before pictures for you.  I wish they were worse pictures so you could really appreciate the age and status of the bathroom. But the light was (surprisingly) shining bright that day, washing out the striped wall paper.  And you can’t see the broken towel bars.  Though if you do look closely, you see a broken light on the far right.   Now that I’ve pointed out all the bad parts, here are the before pictures:



And here are a few inspiration pictures for you to see where we are headed:

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 10.51.02 PM

Now on to the exciting part…current day!

They cut the hole for the bathtub and put up the wood trim on the outside of the tub area.


And the shower made some progress too.  I’m not sure what you officially call this step, but it started to look more like a shower. So that’s a plus in my book!


And the cabinet installation is now complete too.


The tile arrives tomorrow. So I’m hoping we see some tile installation this week!

Stay tuned for more progress next week.

If you missed a previous post, click HERE for week 1. And HERE for week 2.


Bedside Table Before and After {Ikea Rast Hack}

Last week, I shared a sneak peek at the $35 bedside table from Ikea that I gave a little facelift.

Today I get to share the finished product!

Let’s take a look at the old bedside table in the room…

GIRLS ROOM 3 one room challenge  at home in the northwest blog

And an after shot of the room with the new bedside table….

IKEA RAST HACK AFTER - at home in the northwest

It’s the Rast from Ikea. Below is the assembled Rast, before my mini facelift.


And a closer look at the after!

ikea rast hack  at home in the northwest blog



Here’s a look at what I did…

ikea rast hack tutorial  at home in the northwest

Using my miter saw and handy-dandy nail gun, I attached thin lath wood from Lowes around each drawer front {I’m not sure that this is exactly what the wood is called. But hopefully it’ll give you the idea …}.  Baseboard trim was added to the bottom.  And a larger piece of wood was added to the top.  To finish off the top, I added a thin piece of trim to complete the custom look.  Wood filler filled the nail holes, sandpaper smoothed it all and green spray paint gave me a fun bright color perfect for a little girls room!

What do you think?! I love it!  I find it amazing how just a little bit of wood can completely transform a piece of furniture!

Let’s take one last look at the finished product.

ikea rast hack  at home in the northwest blog

I’m certainly not the first person to do something like this to the Rast.  Have you transformed this piece of furniture? If so, I’d love to see it!


(if you’d like to read more about designing this girls room, click here, here, here, here, here and here.)

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Pottery Barn Couch Cushions

As I mentioned in my last post, our couch is about 10 years old.

And the back pillows look very sad.


Let’s take a closer look….


It’s like they are frowning at me.

No, the back cushions are not fluffed.  But if I spent a few minutes fluffing them, then sat down to watch tv, they would still look like this.

Did you know that Pottery Barn will sell you new cushion inserts?  And did you know that they are super cheap!? I’m not kidding…cheap!!!  Poly cushions  (which is what we have) are less than $30 each.  Since we will move this couch up to the playroom after our new couch arrives, a $120 facelift would be a worthwhile investment.

Well, look what arrived in the mail this week!


When I opened the boxes up, I was certain they shipped me the wrong size.


Surely I didn’t have to point out which pillow is the old insert!!  Can you believe the difference in size?

I got to work stuffing the new inserts into my Pottery Barn cover.   And surprisingly, they sent the correct size. Our old ones were just really squished and sad looking.

And thanks to my handy-dandy 10 year old photographer, I was caught working hard!

PB Cushions at home in the northwest

After getting one cushion on the couch, I was convinced the size was perfect!

pottery barn couch cushions at home in the northwest

A few minutes later, I had finished putting the new inserts in place.  And I was amazed. It was like a new couch!



So now, when the kids do their ‘chair-to-footstool-to-couch obstacle course face dive’ into the couch, the cushions don’t squish down to nothing!

And as always, we had to ask ourselves “Why didn’t we do this sooner?!”  I guess better late than never.

One last look at the before….


And the after….


Does your Pottery Barn couch need a facelift?!  If so, give Pottery Barn a call!


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Closet Organization – Before and After

Messy closets.

We all have them.  Well, maybe not everyone, but I have them!

And I’m ready to be done with it. So the other day, I decided to take back control!

Let’s look at a look at some before pictures of my hall closet…

messy closet 1

Yes, that’s just a pile of STUFF at the bottom…

messy closet 2

And now let’s peek around that corner….

messy closet 3

More stuff.

I started by clearing the entire closet out.

empty closet

You may have seen this picture on my last blog post.  Apparently, I have a few bags and purses!

too many bags

And look at the bags that I have from lululemon…

lululemon bags

I don’t think I need to buy a new bag or purse for awhile.

I got rid of a ton of stuff….a pack-n-play, a magic set that hasn’t been used in a few years, a window fan that was broken, and even more!

After I removed the things we weren’t keeping, it left room for things to go back in a much more organized fashion.

Let’s look at some ‘after’ pictures…

clean closet at home in the northwest blog

Isn’t that crazy!?  I even had room to put all of my camera equipment on the top shelf {instead of the dining room floor where it has lived for the last year}.

After getting rid of some bags,  I added 4 big hooks to help organize the rest of my bag ‘collection’.

clean closet 2 at home in the northwest

One hook holds a bag full of  sinch sacks. Another hook holds my leather purses. Another hook holds fabric bags and the last hook holds all of my lululemon reusable bags.

4 hooks. And total bag organization.

There is still stuff at the end of the closet.  But this time it’s very organized.

clean closet 3 at home in the northwest

It took me a long time to tackle this project {and I was ready to quit mid way through}. But I am so happy with the end result!

clean closet 5 at home in the northwest

Hopefully September brings even more organizational projects!

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Mt. Rainier…A Day Trip

In an effort to soak up the last few days of summer vacation, we took a day trip to Mt. Rainier last week with some friends.

mt rainier 3

The weather wasn’t perfect.  We had some clouds…we do live in Washington, after all, so clouds shouldn’t be a surprise to us!  But I think we had better weather on the mountain than we would have had if we’d stayed home!

I was so surprised at how well the kids did on the walk!

mt rainier 1

There was a bit of complaining at the beginning, but once the kids got into the groove, it was smooth sailing from there!

We kept saying how it felt like we were in Switzerland.

{Disclaimer: I have never been to Switzerland.  So my apologies if Mt. Rainier is no where close to the beauty of Switzerland.  But it sure was pretty!}

mt rainier 2

This is our last week of summer vacation.  The kids are back in school after labor day.  So Dan and I have started our ‘September list’ of projects we would like to tackle when the kids are back in school.

I got a head start this weekend and tackled the coat closet…

too many bags

What a total disaster!  The image above is only SOME of my bags and purses.

My next blog post is on the closet transformation.  So come back later this week to read more about my hoarding issue!



Guest Post: What to do with Old Christmas Cards

Things have been quiet here on my blog! We’ve been busy settling into the new year and celebrating a big birthday….


Emmie turned 7!!

We’re a week into January and I’m still trying to get 2012 all packed up and put away.  So today I’m over at Lori May Interiors with a guest post that should help us all achieve that!

Confession time….my Christmas cards are in a paper bag, sitting on my kitchen floor.   Do you still have your Christmas cards lingering around your kitchen or living room like me?  Pop over to Lori’s blog today for some creative ideas on what to do with them!


I hope you get inspired today!


Favorite Things…Chalkboard Pens

Writing on a chalkboard can be messy.  Chalk dust gets everywhere.  And the letters sometimes smudge if your hand lays on the writing.

The solution? A chalkboard pen!

I just recently purchased my first chalkboard pen. Maybe I’m slow to be on board with these….but I love them!

The precision that you can achieve with a chalkboard pen is much greater than with regular chalk.  Dear Lilly created this on her chalkboard.  Surely she used a chalkboard pen!


I have the pen, and I have several chalkboards… now I just need to practice {and practice and practice and practice} my handwriting so I can create something as beautiful as Dear Lillie.

I recently purchased this cute caddy from Target’s new Threshold collection, and was was able to try out my pen.

Writing with it was so simple! And when I made a mistake, a wet paper towel cleaned if off in no time!

I can’t wait to try my pen out on other chalk boards! And maybe one of these days, I will have mastered some fancy writing to create a piece of art like Dear Lilly!


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Redecorating for a New Client

This week I had the pleasure of heading to Seattle to help Jamie, a new client, with her family room.  Jamie and her family live in a fun, older home that has lots of charm.  She was overwhelmed with the placement of her furniture and the look of her shelves, so she invited me to help her out.  Nothing new was purchased for the transformation.  I just rearranged existing furniture and frames and created a shopping list for Jamie for filler items (such as end tables, a throw, and pillows to add some color to the couches…).  So the room isn’t complete yet…..but we sure made some progress.  Now let’s look at some pictures.

Lots of frames were displayed on the shelves…

And the narrow room made furniture placement a challenge.  The couches were facing each other, perpendicular to the fireplace and tv.

Before we started, I had Jamie walk me through her house so I could see if there was any home decor that we could ‘borrow’ from other rooms to decorate her shelves.  After I spotted some potential items,  I cleared off all of the shelves, creating a blank slate for decorating.

When the shelves were cleared,  I was able to easily assess the different sized pictures that I had to work with.  I created a gallery wall on the floor by arranging and rearranging the frames until I came up with a display that filled the wall space best.


By selecting which pictures would be hung on the walls, I then knew which ones were left to accessorize the shelves.  After raiding the kitchen for a few vases and cutting some fresh flowers from the front yard, I created simple vignette’s of frames, books and  vases.

Here are the new shelves…

The couches and lamps were moved too, giving the room better flow.  The love seat now faces the fireplace and tv….

And the longer couch is perpendicular to the fireplace, in front of the widows.

By moving the couches away from the shelves, it opened the corner up for another chair and side table.  For the time being (until a new chair and table are purchased), I put an extra dining room chair there as a place holder.

Jamie hopes to paint the room soon with a more basic color, like a light gray. And she will add in accent colors with pillows and throws to brighten up the brown leather furniture.

I feel like the walls and shelves clearly display what is important to them….family.  The room has a new, refreshing look – without having purchased a single thing! Doesn’t it look great?!

Let’s take one last look at the before and after…

Thank you, Jamie, for inviting me into your home to help out!


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Shelf Tutorial

A good friend of mine was in need of a solution for foyer.  There was no place for guests to put their stuff, so coats and bags ended up in a pile next to the couch.   I was certain I could help her come up with a solution!  So I started doing some measuring and research and came across this on Pinterest.  The Idea Room made this shelf for her bathroom.  Isn’t it darling!

With a few modifications, something like this would fit perfectly behind my friend’s front door!  After a bit more measuring and a trip to Lowes, I made this…

I’ve had a lot of people inquiring about making one for themselves, so I thought it was time to write a tutorial!

Supply List for Top Shelf

1 x 12 – back of shelf  (mine was 32″ long)

1 x 4  – top of shelf (use a 1×6 for a deeper shelf)

3 and 5/8 inch crown molding

1 and 1/8 inch decorative molding

miter saw

nail gun

caulk and wood filler

masking tape

primer/paint or stain




1. Cut the 1×12 to the desired length (mine was 32″ long).

2. Cut crown molding to fit length of your board (Note: this was my first time cutting crown molding so I am not an expert in this field.  I viewed a few You Tube videos to learn the best way to accomplish this task).  The back of the crown will need to be the same length as the board (i.e. 32″) and the crown will angle out at the corners to be longer than the back board.

3. Cut side pieces out of the crown molding.  Only one edge of the crown will be angled (to connect with the front piece of crown, making a corner). The back will be flat, as it will sit flush against the wall.  The entire cutting process may take awhile if you are new at this like me.  Look at my pile of mis-cut pieces!

 4.  I used masking tape to hold my pieces of molding together. This allowed me to make sure the corners matched up nicely (or at least close enough!).  I’m not sure that a true craftsman would agree with my use of masking tape, but it was effective for me, since I was working alone!

5. When you are finished cutting the crown molding, cut your 1×4  for the top shelf (or 1×6 if you are creating a deeper shelf).  You will want  1″ to 2″ longer than the crown molding.  Attach the 1×4 to the top of your board with some wood glue and your nail gun.  Then attach the molding (this is where I loved using the masking tape. Everything stayed right in place until I secured it with a nail!)

6. Cut molding for the bottom of the shelf the same way you cut the crown.  Tape corners together. Then use  the glue and nail gun to attach it to the bottom edge of the shelf.

7. Caulk along the edges of the molding. And fill nails holes and corners with wood filler or putty. You will most likely have to sand it smooth and re-putty a time or two until the finish is smooth and flawless.

8. Prime the shelf and then paint to desired color!

This is my new favorite spray paint from Lowes! It goes on evenly, doesn’t spray so hard that it runs on your project AND it doesn’t drip out of the sprayer and all over your hands.


9. After the paint has dried, attach the hooks.  Space evenly and screw them into the wood.

10. Attach D rings to the back and hang the shelf up on your wall.

For the lower shelf, I simply used the smaller decorative molding on the top AND bottom edges of the shelf.

The set of three picture frames are from Michaels.  They were black ….. but thanks to more Valspar white spray paint, they now match the new shelves perfectly!!  I added the ‘hang your coat’ until my friend had a chance to put photo’s in the frames.

And one last look at the finished product!

I was at my friends house for a party a few days ago, and I must say, those hooks can hold a LOT of coats and purses!  No more coats on the floor!


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Pantry Before and After

The pantry project is complete.  Thank goodness!  By removing many of the items, we have so much more room now!  Some of the excess went to the Goodwill. Some in the trash.  And some just relocated to other cabinets in the kitchen.  The end result brings me much joy!

A few days ago, I showed in detail the chaos that was my pantry.  (Click here to read more about my pantry  clean up process.)  Let’s take another look at some before pictures so we can truly appreciate the after!

And now……drum roll please…………

Look at all that extra room!

One of my favorite purchases was the three tiered can organizer. What a space saver!   And it’s so easy to see what you have on hand as well! If you don’t already have one, you won’t regret the purchase.

tiered can organizers from Target and Fred Meyer

Previously, things were tossed into plastic storage bins that weren’t easy to see through.  The new clear containers allow us to see exactly what is inside!  Less mess and less headache!

basket from Michaels, tall canister from Ikea, square canisters from Target


square canisters from Target


baskets from Target

And those labels…..don’t you love them?  (Click here to learn how to make the pantry labels.)

basket from Fred Meyer


And here are a few other views of things that were re-organized…  The apron/stool/recycling corner before…

And the after….

I installed hooks to hang the aprons and stool from.  Recycling was moved under the shelves (you can see it under the shelf, right behind the stool).  It is out of the way and surprisingly, we can fit a lot more recycling in there than before!

And the printer and cereal areas before….

And the after….

wooden drawer storage from Fred Meyer


basket from Michaels

And a few last shots of the after….


Isn’t it amazing what a little time and effort can do to your pantry?!  I can’t help but ask myself why I didn’t do this sooner!!


Thistlewood Farm

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