Simple DIY Wall Painting for Christmas

A few weeks ago, I found this great {and simple} DIY Christmas wall hanging at Emily A. Clark’s blog.  {If you don’t already follow her blog, it’s a must read!}

I loved it so much that I made my own!


I’m not an artist. And I can say that it was really easy! Just head over to Emily’s blog for a quick tutorial on how to make your own.

I made several for gifts and it was neat seeing how each one turned out different than the other.

I wasn’t sure where I’d hang mine…..and it finally landed in my powder room!

duck cloth wall hanging simple diy art project


Thanks for stopping by today! Hard to believe that it’s only a few more days until Christmas.  I hope you’re ready to celebrate and can avoid the mall these next few days.


Grain Free + Gluten Free Granola

Right now, I eat grain free and gluten free. I just feel better without grains and gluten in my system. On many levels,  it’s not a huge deal. Though I do miss some familiar foods, like cereal. I love cereal. It’s my comfort food.  It’s one of my favorite snacks.  And it’s not easy finding a a cereal that’s gluten free AND grain free.

Last week my friend passed on a recipe for gluten free + grain free granola.  I made a few adjustments to the recipe…and all I can say is Y.U.M!  Now I can have cereal again!  While I try some recipes that are a bust, this one is a winner and very worth sharing.

grain free and gluten free granola recipe ... at home in the northwest

And it’s easy to make as well.

Here are the main ingredients….

gluten free and grain free granola ingredients .... at home in the northwest


1 cup chopped pecans + 1 cup sliced almonds + 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds + 1/8 cup chia seeds + 1/8 cup flax seeds

Chop pecans and almonds in a cuisinart or with a knife.

Mix all of the ingredients together.  Stir in 1 tablespoon of melted coconut oil and 3 tablespoons of agave.

Bake at 325 degrees on a rimmed pan for 12 to 14 minutes.


So simple to make. And tastes amazing.

You can eat it by itself. Pour milk on top and enjoy it as cereal. Mix it into your favorite yogurt. Or maybe add cranberries or other dried fruits for additional flavor. The possibilities are endless!

Let me know if you decide to make some! I’d love to hear how it turns out.


Starting Sweet Pea Seeds

This sunny weather has me thinking about my garden!  It’s time to put my sweet peas in the ground.  So I wanted to share with you how to start your sweet pea seeds indoors!!


First of all, do you know what sweet peas are?  It’s not a green pea that you eat.  It’s a blooming flower…..


They smell wonderful.  And are a great cutting flower as well.

Do you want to plant your own?

It’s not difficult to do!  Just pick up a packet of seeds {or two} at Lowes, Home Depot or Target.    Next, lay the seeds inside a few wet paper towels.

Then … are you ready for this? Put them in an open ziploc baggie and lay them in the window sill.


It’s not pretty. But it’s effective!

Make sure the paper towel stays damp.  And after about a week or so, your seeds should look like this!


Once they’ve started to sprout like the above photo, just plant them in the dirt!

Make sure you give the sweet peas something to climb up!  I use a trellis that I built a few years ago


{click HERE for a tutorial on building your own trellis for under $10}

If you do the hard work now, by summer you’ll have a crazy amount of fragrant, bright flowers just waiting to be cut into a bouquet!

I love that it’s time to get out in the garden! Are you going to start any seeds indoors this spring?


Bedside Table Before and After {Ikea Rast Hack}

Last week, I shared a sneak peek at the $35 bedside table from Ikea that I gave a little facelift.

Today I get to share the finished product!

Let’s take a look at the old bedside table in the room…

GIRLS ROOM 3 one room challenge  at home in the northwest blog

And an after shot of the room with the new bedside table….

IKEA RAST HACK AFTER - at home in the northwest

It’s the Rast from Ikea. Below is the assembled Rast, before my mini facelift.


And a closer look at the after!

ikea rast hack  at home in the northwest blog



Here’s a look at what I did…

ikea rast hack tutorial  at home in the northwest

Using my miter saw and handy-dandy nail gun, I attached thin lath wood from Lowes around each drawer front {I’m not sure that this is exactly what the wood is called. But hopefully it’ll give you the idea …}.  Baseboard trim was added to the bottom.  And a larger piece of wood was added to the top.  To finish off the top, I added a thin piece of trim to complete the custom look.  Wood filler filled the nail holes, sandpaper smoothed it all and green spray paint gave me a fun bright color perfect for a little girls room!

What do you think?! I love it!  I find it amazing how just a little bit of wood can completely transform a piece of furniture!

Let’s take one last look at the finished product.

ikea rast hack  at home in the northwest blog

I’m certainly not the first person to do something like this to the Rast.  Have you transformed this piece of furniture? If so, I’d love to see it!


(if you’d like to read more about designing this girls room, click here, here, here, here, here and here.)

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Tart Pan Ornaments with My Sweet Savannah

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to go to a craft night hosted by Melaine at My Sweet Savannah.

It was a bit of a drive for me, but completely worth it.  Not only did I make a few fun ornaments….

vintage joy tin  at home in the northwest

…but I also met a group of lovely women.

When Dan asked how the craft night went, I told him that making the craft was super fun. But meeting so many great ladies was even better! {This is where I’m supposed to insert a picture of all the great people that were there.  But I was the new gal and felt dumb dragging out my camera. So I didn’t.  And that leaves me picture-less.}

For a tutorial on making the tart pan ornaments, please visit Melaine’s blog.

Melaine was also in garage sale/purging mode. So we got to dig through boxes of fun stuff after we were done crafting.  I came home with a few goodies.  One of which is this fun old clock.

vintage clock  at home in the northwest

It’s been moved around the house a few times already.  It works so many different places! Thank you, Melaine, for sharing your fun ‘junk’ with us! And thank you for hosting a craft night!


Building a Bed – the Final Reveal

It’s official. I built a bed from scratch….and it only took me about three years.  You think I’m joking, but I’m not.  I took me forever.  In fact, the partially finished bed was in the  garage for so long that Emmie thought it was scrap wood and drew on it.

But today we are celebrating a project completed.

I made a few last minute modifications because I was ready to be done.  You might call them ‘shortcuts’.  But for the sake of being kind to a gal who is ready to be done with a big project, let’s call it a modification.

I won’t be sharing any tutorials on this bed.  I used Ana White’s pattern, which was great.  She’s far more handy than I am.  And for me to try and regurgitate what I did would be nearly impossible.  So for more info, please visit

And here it is….the bed!


FARMHOUSE BED  at home in the northwest


Dan was off yesterday so he was my handy helper while I put it together.


It was a touch awkward assembling the bed…

building a bed 3  at home in the northwest

But this was probably the fastest part of the entire job!

Below you can catch a peek at my modification.  I was going to add big white side rails on the bed.  They were painted and ready to go.  But after attaching them to the frame/supports, I would have had to putty the holes and touch it up, which was something I did not want to do.

Building a bed 4  at home in the northwest

I was so ready to be done that I just  decided to go with the bed skirt to cover the unfinished rails.


So here it is one more time….the finished bed….finally.



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Target Joy Sign Hack

Yes, this is a Christmas post.  And today, party pooper me took down all of my fall decor.  Maybe I should blame Target….

Like many of you, I recently received the Target ad showing the cute marquee ‘Joy’ sign.


via target

While we were out of town, the mail really stacked up. So when I saw the ad in my mail, I immediately got competitive. {For those of you who don’t know me well, I get competitive about the small things.  Not over a football or pickle ball game.  But over a parking spot. Or a place in line at the grocery store. Or a ‘must have’ darling tin marquee sign from Target.}  Anyway, I looked online…not available.   I looked at the two Targets here in town… was out of stock, the other was rather vague with their stock status.  So the kids and I buzzed out to Target last night, in the dark, to search for the sign.

And lucky me.  I got one!

But I confess when I opened up the box, it was kind of simple looking. And of course there was the cord.   I assumed it would stand on its own, but you have to hang them.  So I got to thinking….how could I make this work!

Off to the bin of scrap wood I went.  I found some red spray paint too.

And after a bit of working, I got just what I was looking for!

TARGET JOY HACK  at home in the northwest

Something more substantial. Something to prop up or hang on my porch, or over the mantel.

Something really fun! I love it!

If you’d like to do the same thing, here are the steps that I took:


Grab some wood from the scrap bin, or buy some from Lowes or Home Depot {they can even cut it for you!}

Decide how wide you would like your sign.  Line up the wood {I used paneling leftover from my bookshelf project}.  Then secure two pieces to the back, as shown here.

Target joy sign hack  how to build a sign  at home in the northwest


Spray paint the wood.


When it was {almost} dry {I was too antsy to wait til it was completely dry}, I sanded the edges a bit and added some wood stain over the entire piece. It gave the sign a bit of depth and interest. Then spray some nails since they will show when the sign is hung.

spray painted nails  target joy sign hack  at home in the northwest


Lastly, hang the letters and  you are done!

TARGET JOY HACK  at home in the northwest

Target Joy Sing Hack Closeup  at home in the northwest

I’m so excited to hang it up, though I will wait!  My fall decor may be in the attic, but I won’t dig out Christmas just yet {though believe me, I’m tempted!}

Thanks for reading and let me know if you make one of your own!! I’d love to see a picture.


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Week 6. It seemed so far away six weeks ago! But here we are at the final week of the One Room Challenge.

I have to say that my room isn’t truly completed.  It may LOOK finished. There actually happens to be a headboard and footboard in the room! But if you look closely, you will notice there are no side rails.  They were strategically propped up for the pictures.  {And I didn’t exactly win mom of the year award when the footboard fell over on Emmie’s foot!}.  But it’s 90% complete. So for today, that’s good enough!

As a refresher, let’s take a look at some before shots….

girls room 3 {athomeinthenorthwest}

girls room at home in the northwest

And here was my inspiration board…

girls room mood board {athomeinthenorthwestblog}

And alas, some shots for you to get a final look at the {mostly completed} girls room.


During this process, I realized her side table is too small.  The side table on the right side of her room isn’t balanced with the chair on the left.  I purchased the Rast chest of drawers from Ikea, but due to lack of time, I haven’t quite gotten to that project yet.

The polka dots are from urban walls.  They were so simple to attach to the wall! And really reasonably priced too.  I love what they add to her focal wall.


GIRLS ROOM ONE ROOM CHALLENGE  at home in the northwest

If you look at the before pictures, you may notice that the chalkboard used to have a chocolate brown frame.  Thanks to some pink spray paint, it now brightens her desk area with it’s new frame!

Here is a closer look at the headboard.

COMPLETED ROOM 2 ORC  at home in the northwest

completed headboard orc  at home in the northwest

I am absolutely head over heals in love with how the headboard looks in the bedroom!  Sadly, I had to remove the beast though until I finish that darn project! But for my little ORC week 6 photo shoot, it sure looks great!

COMPLETED ROOM ORC  at home in the northwest

The windows need something.  I’m thinking a roman shade but can’t decide on a fabric.  So for now, it’ll stay as is until I find some inspiration.

COAT RACK  at home in the northwest

It always seems like we could use more room for coats and sweatshirts. So I made this cute little number above!  It’s behind her door and adds some great space for a girl with too many clothes!  Come back soon for an easy tutorial on making one of these coat hangers!

Even though there are still a few things left to do, I’m so happy with how it’s all turned out!

COMPLETED ROOM 2 ORC  at home in the northwest

Thanks for reading and following along for the past 6 weeks! Click here to read any of the weeks that you may have missed!

week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4 and week 5


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One Room Challenge Week 5 – Painting Progress

Hello everyone! Here we are at week 5 of the one room challenge.  Only one week to go…and then, in theory, this room should be complete.  One would think 6 weeks is ample time to complete a room {and please note, I actually started on this project BEFORE the ORC even started! So I had a head start – and I’m still not where I’d like to be.} You’re probably not interested in the excuses for my lack of progress. You’re thinking, ‘show me some pictures!’

So here we go.

This week, I thought I’d tackle the the dresser.  It was stained in a medium wood tone.  And it needed to be lightened to match the gray walls and white furniture.

Here’s the before…

DRESSER BEFORE home in the northwest

This weekend, I dug out my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White.  A few coats of paint, some sanding and a coat of Annie Sloan clear wax, and the task was complete!

dresser painted with annie sloan chalk paint pure home in the northwest

Did you notice the little lamp got a bit of pink spraypaint?!  The first picture above shows it in dark bronze. And the next picture shows it  in all it’s pink glory.

Back to the dresser….I really hadn’t planned on going with a distressed look {or as Emmie is calling it, an ‘old time look’}.  But as I was sanding down the chalk paint, it started to rough up the edges.  It was hard to avoid since the bottom layer was a wood finish.  So….I went with it. I can always add more paint later if I get tired of it.  But for now, it’ll just disguise any bumps or scratches that it receives from its 7 year old roommate!

Here is a closer look….

dresser painted with annie sloan chalk paint pure home in the northwest

The old wooden drawer pulls were updated with a little glass pull.  Very feminine {and very cheap! $2.97 at Lowes!}.

I’m happy with it.  And I think Emmie has adjusted to the ‘old time look’.

You might be wondering how my bed building progress is going?!  Well, let’s just say it’s not.  I have to say, I’m not sure it’ll get completed in time.   But don’t give up on me yet! The bed WILL get done. It just may not be done by week 6.

Make sure you come back next week for the final reveal!


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One Room Challenge Week 3 – Bedding Update

Welcome to week 3 of the one room challenge!

A few people have asked me questions about this project.  So I thought I’d address them first.

* the challenge is just that….a challenge to transform a room * there is no prize….the prize is a finished room at the end of the 6 weeks. * it’s just meant to be fun {and motivate you to take on a project in your home or a clients home}*

So on to week 3. Yikes! Week THREE!  That means there are only three more weeks.  I have got some work to do!

For those of you just tuning in, here is a look at the design board for Emmie’s room:

girls room mood board {athomeinthenorthwestblog}I couldn’t find a duvet that I liked {or that I felt was worth the money for a young girl that has been known to get marker on her bedding}. So when that happens, you make your own!  I purchased the blue and white striped sheet set from Target.

Using two flat sheets, I sewed them together to create a duvet.

sewing duvet  at home in the northwest

I took the lazy route….only sewing three sides and leaving the end open for now.  I need to sew buttons at the bottom to close it up. But for now, it tucks nicely under her mattress. Lazy. But functional!

Grossgrain ribbon was added to the corners of the down comforter…

sewing stays on down comforter  at home in the northwest

Then I sewed string into the top corner of my duvet…


Now the down comforter can be tied into my duvet, which will hopefully eliminate the irritating shuffle that comforters often do inside a duvet.

This week I also received my fabric order!   The bed will be brightened up with a fun floral standard sham and green throw pillow.

So fun.

Well, fun until you unroll the fabric to find this:


What?! Marker on my fabric?  Fabric that came straight from the vendor!? Frustrating.

But fortunately, the vendor is fixing the issue. But it was frustrating nonetheless.

After my little delay, I did get the fabric dropped off with my seamstress!

DURALEE FABRICS  at home in the northwest

These pillows will add so much to her room!  I can’t wait to pick them up hopefully later this week.

So that’s it for my week 3 progress! Not a ton of fun pictures. Nothing is quite completed yet.  But I’m hoping to have something more exciting to share next week!

To read my previous weeks of the ORC, click here…. week 1 and week 2.


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