Bookshelf Project – One Room Challenge Week #2

Welcome to week #2 of the One Room Challenge!

Last week I shared my design board for Emmie’s room.

girls room mood board {athomeinthenorthwestblog}

The pink walls are now gray.,


So today I’d like to share my bookshelf project with you!

Below is a picture of her current bookshelf.

girls room at home in the northwest

It’s too short.  Can you see books shoved under the bookshelf?  Lack of space means it’s time to upgrade to a bigger bookshelf.

I bought this simple bookshelf at Target with plans to give it a facelift .



And after all my work,  here’s the bookshelf now!

BOOKSHELF 1  at home in the northwest

It was fun to watch the simple bookshelf transform. And as always, the project took longer than I’d planned.

First, I assembled the main structure.

bookshelf faceliftat home in the northwest blog

I left both the back and top off so that I could add my own decorative touch.

Lowes carries great wooden planks, which I cut to size and spray painted white.

painted planks for the bookshelf at home in the northwest

The bookshelf came with the cardboard type backing.  But by adding wooden planks, it made it a more solid structure as well as gave it tons of character.

planked back bookshelf 2  at home in the northwest

For the top of the bookshelf , I had a larger pieece of wood cut.  Then I cut crown molding (and re-cut it because I haven’t mastered cutting crown yet).

adding crown to a simple bookshelf at home in the northwest

Once I got my cuts right, I attached the crown molding with my nail gun.  {I’m not sure if the pro’s use masking tape to hold the crown in place, but it worked for me!}

Here is another closer look at the finished top:

bookshelf 3  at home in the northwest

I also added decorative trim to the base of the bookshelf:

Here is the before:

BOOKSHELF BASE BEFORE  at home in the northwest

And a glimpse at the after:

bookshelf 2  at home in the northwest

I so thrilled with how it turned out.  And am so thankful for more shelves to hold all of Emmie’s books and knick knacks!

Let’s take one last look at the after:

BOOKSHELF 1  at home in the northwest

Make sure you come back next week for more progress on my ORC!


To read week 1 of the ORC, click here.

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Wooden Pumpkin Face

Today I stopped by the store and picked up some mums and a pumpkin….


And I pulled out a fun wooden pumpkin face that my mom and I made years ago.


We cut the shapes with a saw. Then painted and distressed them. And hammed a long nail through each part.

Decorating the pumpkin is the easy part…just press the nail with your finger through the pumpkin!


Two seconds later, the pumpkin is decorated. And it won’t rot like a carved pumpkin!

wooden pumpkin face 2 at home in the northwest

Isn’t it cute?!


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Building a Bed

I happen to be kid-free for about 24 hours.  So I thought it was high time that I got working on my unfinished bed project.  {Have I mentioned that I have an unfinished headboard and footboard in my garage?   It’s been there so long that my kids thought it was scrap wood and drew on it.}

Here is a look at what I started with today….


I went to the lumber yard and picked up more wood to complete my project.  Then this afternoon, I got to work!


I am using plans from Ana White, so I won’t be doing a tutorial.  {Click here for details on building your own.}

After several hours of working, and yet another trip to Lowe’s, I completely finished the headboard AND the footboard!


I still have to do the bed rails to support the box spring and mattress. And of course, I have to fill all of the holes, sand and then paint the bed.  So I’m far from done.  But I feel good about the progress that I made today!


Monogrammed Wall Hanging Tutorial

I’m in the process of re-doing Emmie’s bedroom {and I recently blogged about the perfect {barely there} gray paint for her room}.  I was sad to take down some of her fun wall decor, like this DIY monogram wall hanging that I made!  I blogged about this quite a long time ago.  But I thought this was a great opportunity to share the tutorial with you yet again!

It looks like her monogram is painted directly on the wall….but it’s really a framed piece of art.

Here is a quick tutorial on this optical illusion.  You can create a framed monogram that looks like it’s part of your wall in just a few easy steps.

1. Select a frame. 

My frame was a champagne color, which wasn’t  the color I wanted for her room.  I spray painted the frame a chocolate color and used steel wool to lightly distress the frame, letting the gold undertones come through.

 2. Cut plywood to fit in frame.

Measure the opening of your frame from the back.  Cut a piece of plywood (or have Lowe’s cut it for you) that fits inside the frame, without the glass. Make sure that both the plywood AND the back of the frame fit in the opening.  This may require a thinner piece of plywood than expected.

3.  Spray the plywood with wall texture.

After reading the label on the can, spray your plywood with the suggested amount of texture. If you mess up, remember there is always the back side of the plywood! But honestly, I don’t think you can mess this step up.

4. Paint plywood.

After the wall texture dries, paint your plywood the same color as your wall.

5. Print out letters for monogram.

You can use vinyl letters for this step, or you can print them using your computer.  I don’t have Photoshop so I did mine the old school way….cut and paste!  Using a photo copier, I enlarged the letters to fit onto the wood.   Then I cut and taped them together, making sure it was spaced an appropriate amount.

6.  Trace letters onto plywood.

Place a piece of carbon paper behind your letters and begin tracing.  The carbon paper will leave an outline of the letters on the plywood.

7.  Paint letters.

Using an acrylic craft paint in a dark chocolate color, I painted the monogram.  This may take about 20 or 30 minutes, depending on how much of a perfectionist you are.  You may want to grab a diet coke and turn on some music or the tv while you work.

8. Put plywood back into frame.

Put the plywood in your frame and secure the back of the frame in place.  Then hang it up on your wall, sit back and enjoy!!


I love how it turned out and was so sad to take it down!  Maybe I’ll paint hers gray and hang it up in her newly decorated bedroom.

What do you think!?


Bookshelf Update

I hope everyone had a great Easter!

We were able to see both sides of our family this weekend.  Saturday was with Dan’s family. And Sunday was with my family.

Next door to my dads house was a field of daffodils, which made for the perfect location for family pictures.  As you can see, the weather was amazing!

tulip fields at home in the nw

And remember my bookshelf project?


I needed a piece of wood cut for the top, so I had  my dad do the dirty work for me!  He has an amazing shop and my saw wasn’t cutting it {sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!}.


Now that the top is cut, I can get to work on the crown molding!!

Stay tuned for updates on my bookshelf over the next week or so!


A New Bookshelf {and a project}

I’m working on updating Emmie’s room.  When she turned three, she got a big girl bedroom.  But four years later, I’m feeling the need for an update.  After noticing marker on her comforter {what kind of mom let’s a child have markers in her bedroom?! Ahem, me!} and lack of storage space, it’s time for some changes.

Lately I’ve been looking for a taller bookshelf and have come up empty handed.  Then the other day, I found this white bookshelf.

Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 10.00.15 PM


I like the clean lines. And I like that it’s white. But I don’t like that it looks like it’s out of a box.

So I have some plans….


Here are a few inspiration photos.

Look at what a little crown molding can do to an otherwise plain piece of furniture!

Summer 2012_thumb[2]
And see how much character a planked background adds!


Now to get the bookshelf assembled!  And after a few trips to Lowes for supplies, I should be in business!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for progress updates!


Kitchen Chalkboard Art

This weekend, I worked on some chalkboard art for my kitchen.  My tabletop chalkboard had a bible verse from Valentine’s Day that was ready for an update.

I searched for some inspiration online and came across this:



So I got out my handy dandy chalkboard pen and started drawing.  I added ‘eat’ at the bottom and my chalkboard was updated!

kitchen chalkboard art at home in the nw

 {Wouldn’t it be fun to add your last name under the silverware like the sample above?! Gilday’s Kitchen! I love it!}

Are you updating your chalkboards for spring!? If so, what is written on them?



Fish Bowl Valentine {Free Download!}

For the past week, I’ve been busy working on the kids Valentine’s.  Usually I just go with store bought Valentine’s.  The kids are always happy with that and it gets me off the hook for creating something fun!  But this year, I decided to get crafty.   While the idea wasn’t my own {thank you, Pinterest, for the idea and inspiration!}, the creation is all mine!

at home in the nw fish bowl valentine

I created this the old school way – by hand!  I did not use Photoshop {though I wish I knew how!}

I started by drawing an outline of a fishbowl…

at home in the nw fish bowl valentine 4

Then I got out my watercolors and started painting….

at home in the nw fish bowl valentine 6

Once I was satisfied with my work, I scanned the image into my computer and added some fun fonts.

The one that I created for Emmie says “Valentine, You’re the only fish in the sea for me!”  Click here to download this free image.

at home in the nw fish valentine 3

Jack’s valentine says “Valentine, I’m so glad we’re in the same school!”  Click here to download this free image.


If you would like to create your own fish bowl valentine, then you will need the following supplies:

* fish bowl valentines {download here or here} * swedish fish * cellophane bag * red ribbon

{note: I purchased my cellophane bags at Target in the party and gift wrap aisle.}

Print fish bowl design onto white card stock.  Cut out bowl.  Place in cellophane bag with either gold fish or swedish fish. And tie the top with a ribbon!

Have a great Valentine’s Day!

Piper’s Playground: Frame Wall

Earlier this week, I blogged about one of my clients,  Piper’s Plaground.  And today, I get to give you a quick glimpse at their progress.

In the toddler area of this indoor playground, the owners wanted to create a frame wall with empty, brightly painted frames in different sizes and shapes.

Here are a few inspiration photo’s…





Let’s look at a before picture of Piper’s Playground very early on in the process…..


Kim and Katie, the owners, purchased some great play equipment and couches for this particular area.  After some furniture placement and painting, the room looked like this….


And here is the frame wall after….


Do you want to create a similar look in your home?

1. start collecting frames of different shapes and sizes

2. remove glass and backs of frames

2. gather spray paint in a variety of colors that coordinate with your room {I selected 5 colors for this room}.

3. start spray painting

{Spray painting can be very tedious and time consuming.  Make sure you spray thin layers so the paint doesn’t run or drip.  Therefore several coats of paint may be necessary.}

Once you’re spray painting is complete, d-rings or other hardware may need to be attached to the backs of the frames. {Remember you just removed the backs of the frames, and that’s often where the hanging hardware is attached.}

When the frames were ready, I laid them on the floor to create a look that worked best with the wall.  Once I was satisfied with the layout, I started hanging them on the wall!

I created a much smaller version of the open frames in another room at Piper’s Playground as well.  The owners had a bird painting, but the wall needed a bit more.  So I bought eight frames and painted them colors that coordinated with the painting.


It’s a more simple look but equally as fun!

Do you think this is a look that would work in your space?!

* * * For those that live in the greater Olympia area, Piper’s Playground opens up this Friday, January 18th, 2013!!! * * *


Recycling Pinecones and Faux Berries

So Christmas is over and you’re probably ready to clean up your holiday decor….or maybe you already have!

But before you throw out that Costco wreath….

…make sure you remove the faux berries and pine cones!

They are probably attached with some wire.  Simply untwist the wire from the back or grab some scissors and cut them off.

Then next year, when it’s time to decorate for Christmas, you’ll have a few extra pine cones and faux berries to help dress up your house! You’ll be amazed how many you will accumulate over the years!

I hope you all had a great holiday!


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