Painted Brick [Magnolia/Waco Trip Part 3]

Welcome back!

I took so many pictures on our trip to Waco.  But this blog post will wrap up the 3 part series of my Waco trip.

Today I’m going to take you on a quick, but fun tour of Waco and one of my favorite things that I saw everywhere I turned a corner.

Painted brick!

 The signs were all  so pretty! It’s a creative (and easy .  And I assume cost effective) way to gussy up on old brick building.

Here are a few that we came across during our quick trip:


And just a few buildings over,  in the same parking lot, was the True Love Bar.

We ate at Schmaltz’s. Yum! It’s a small – very small – sandwich shop. But if you need a quick bite while you’re in town, please stop in! You won’t regret it.

It was just a few blocks away from the ones above.


This next one is my favorite. I love the colors. And the artwork.  It’s a block away from Magnolia, in the parking lot of another must see home decor store called The Findery.


And some of my favorites were on the Magnolia property itself.

This first one was on the far side of the property. If you didn’t happen to park on this side, you’d miss this little gem all together!  Dan and I went to Magnolia so many times that we found this during one of our visits.


And this one inside the Silo’s Baking Co (which I blogged about here).

I loved all of the painted brick around town. And I’m quite certain there is plenty more than the small representation above.

Thanks for reading all about our trip to Waco!

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Silo’s Baking Co. [Magnolia/Waco Trip Part 2]

Thanks for coming back for more about our trip to Texas!

[If you missed my first post on our trip, you can read it here.]

Today I’m going to show you some pictures darling Silo’s Baking Company.  It’s right on the corner edge of the property. And when Dan and I pulled up the very first day, there was already a line out the door.

Everywhere you turn, there’s a photo opportunity.

And the inside of the bakery, there is an equal amount of eye candy.

There are so many details to soak up….the hand lettered signs labeling the baked goods, the paper the goodies are wrapped in,  the subway tile, the vintage doors.  I could go on and on and on and on. But instead of going on and on, I’ll just let you see for yourself.

Yes, they have a cupcake called ‘shiplap’.  You shouldn’t be surprised! And you also wouldn’t be surprised at how delicious it is!

There isn’t a seating inside the bakery. Just a small space to line up, order and then head outside to this cute area where you can eat and soak up some Texas sun.

And then there is the bathroom….

Dan said he could see me through that hazy glass taking pictures. I’m quite certain I’m not the only person that’s taken pictures inside this bathroom!

That’s a wrap for my second post!

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And if you missed the video Dan created, here’s another look.  Click below to watch. You won’t be disappointed!

There are still more blog posts to come on our trip! So come back soon!



Waterton and Glacier National Parks

Thursday is a big day around here…..Dan turns 40!  He didn’t want a big party, so we decided to take a fun family vacation…


We took a ton of pictures and video. So sit back and enjoy a few fun pics! And at the end of the post, you can view the latest and greatest family video!

Our first stop was Waterton Park, Canada, which is the Canadian part of Glacier.



It was so beautiful. And we saw our first bear there too!  Thankfully, we were in our car and not hiking on a trail at the time.


After a few days in Waterton Park, we ventured down into Montana to Glacier National Park.

P9960492 2

Both Dan and I loved the one on one time with the kids….



The weather wasn’t ideal. In fact, it was downright cold on a lot of days.  We just learned to accept the rain and make the most of it!


Though, occasionally we’d get lucky and see a little sun!


We tried to find a healthy balance between hiking and stopping and playing as well.  The kids were troopers!


Most of the time, that is.  There was one day where we may have gotten a touch lost in Glacier in the pouring rain.  And there may have been two scared kids and some tears.


Finding the trail that led us back to our car was a happy moment.

We saw a moose up close….


Even on a cloudy day, Glacier was beautiful.


For some reason, I was focussed on crossing the continental divide….

P9960733 2

Dan was kind enough to pull over for a picture.

If you’re still with me after all of those pictures, here is the video that Dan made! Click HERE to view {or click the picture below}.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 9.56.10 PM

The trip was a great way to celebrate Dan.  And to enjoy some quality family time together.

Happy 40th birthday, Dan!

DSC_0177 jen

Hawaiian Vacation

A few weeks ago, we took our kiddo’s out of school and went to Hawaii for 8 days.  We stayed on the west coast of Oahu in Ko Olina, which is very quiet and far away from the crazy, busy city.

The week was perfect.


We played. We swam. We snorkeled.


And by the look of these shriveled fingers, you can tell that the kids spent a TON of time in the water!

We spent the week with friends.  6 adults, 7 kids and perfectly perfect dynamics!

DSC_0312 2


I took roughly 700 pictures.  But how could I resist when we drove by quaint places like this….


Doesn’t that just scream ‘Hawaii’?!

The shave ice was a big hit! (They call it SHAVE ice…not shaved ice! Who knew!)


We tried boogie boarding for the first time on the north shore.


We had hoped to see a turtle while we snorkeled.  And we didn’t just see ONE turtle, we saw several.  And two even crawled up on the beach, right in front of us! Hello Mr. Turtle!


I tried hard to be a fun mom and swim with my kids.  Get my hair wet.  Snorkel along side them.   I even went down the water slide!


Even with a small abscess on Emmie’s bum (which turned into cellulitis), it was still a fantastic vacation.

Her last night in Hawaii was spent in the ER….

photo 2

…but she was a trooper.  And after some IV meds, she was in tip top shape.  Just in time to fly home.

One of Dan’s hobbies is putting together video from our vacations.  I haven’t ever shared any on my blog, but thought I’d give it a try this time!. If you have a few minutes and would like to watch, click here!

Oh Hawaii, how we miss you!


Hiking and Snow Shoeing at Mt. Rainier

I like my routine. And I like my own bed at night.  But I also suffer from major FOMO {Fear Of Missing Out}.  So when I was invited by a friend to join a group of mama’s from my area to do some snow shoeing and hiking, I had to say yes.  While I knew I’d enjoy the conversation and social time, I wasn’t so sure about the adventure itself.  But I said yes anyway.

 The hike was through the Mount Tahoma Trails Association {MTTA} at the base of Mt. Rainier.   And this past Friday, 10 of us drove up to start our overnight adventure.

mt rainier basecamp

 We strapped on our 20 pound backpacks and off into the snow we went.

This is how we all dressed at the start of the hike…

hiking up to copper creek hut mt raininer

 It seemed logical…..when hiking in the snow, of course you’d dress for snowy weather!  Well, the hike was mostly uphill.  So I believe by mile 1, we had all shed our hats and coats.   We were warm! Clearly we overdressed.

We had a ‘no complaining’ rule.  And everyone surprisingly obeyed! {Even though I may have complained a little in my head….}

The scenery was incredible….

hiking to copper creek hut MTTA mt raininer 1

And conversation was never lacking.

hiking to copper creek hut mtta mt raininer

Check out the size of my pack compared to everyone else in the pic below!  I brought my favorite feather pillow {even though Dan tried to convince me otherwise}.  And apparently it was a space hog in my pack!  Because I really didn’t overpack {for once in my life!}

copper creek hut MTTA Mt Raininer

It took us about 2 1/2 hours to complete the 4.2 mile hike.

copper creek hut MTTA 2

That gray cloud in the above picture did disappear and left us with an incredible sunset.  I took a ridiculous amount of pictures because every time I looked out the window, the sky was a different shade of yellow and orange.

sunset at copper creek lodge mt rainier

Later that evening, the last two ladies hiked in and we enjoyed a fun dinner and even more conversation.

copper creek hut mt raininer MTTA

We all slept in the loft upstairs on mats and sleeping bags.  It might not have been the best sleep ever, but that was a small price to pay to be part of this fun experience.

Then the next morning, we strapped our snow shoes on and hiked back down…

snow shoes

I was so proud of everyone.   It’s not every day that we go on an adventure like this. And everyone did it with such grace!

If you’re reluctant to step outside of your comfort zone, just do it! You might just surprise yourself.


Maui Vacation

Almost two years ago, Dan and I went to Hawaii for a little vacation.  And last week, we were fortunate enough to go back with some friends.

We spent a very quick six days in Maui.  And it was a perfect mix of relaxation and activity.

maui sunset  at home in the northwest

We upgraded to a room with a view. And it did not disappoint.

maui sheraton  at home in the northwest

Mid week, Dan got a wild hair to go parasailing.  After he went once by himself,  we all decided we needed to be in on the adventure.

Heidi and Marty went first.  Then Dan and I got strapped in. You can see that I was a bit unsure as we took off….

parasailing maui 2  at home in the northwest

But seconds later, I warmed up a bit to the fun….

parasailing maui 3  at home in the northwest

We also went on a catamaran/snorkeling day trip to the island of Lanai.

catamaran ride to lanai maui 2  at home in the northwest

We sailed, snorkeled, swam and played on a nearly secluded beach. Talk about relaxing!

catamaran ride to lanai maui  at home in the northwest

Staying in a hotel meant NO COOKING! So every night we got dressed up and ate out.  Such a treat.

mams fish house view  at home in the northwest

I’ve heard so many people say “eat at Mama’s Fish House!” {If you haven’t heard of Mama’s, it’s expensive, and it’s about an hour from Ka’anapali, where we stayed.}  But let me say, it IS worth it. The food was delicious and the ambiance was priceless.  So if you are going to Maui anytime soon, make the trip. You won’t regret it.

mama's fish house  at home in the northwest

Traveling with good friends, and without kids, made for the perfect week!

wailea  at home in the northwest


Hood Canal Vacation

We recently got back from a few days away with Dan’s family.  As many of you know, weather in the northwest isn’t always dependable. But we were incredibly lucky and every day was sunny from morning til night.

Here are a few favorite pictures of our time away.

…early morning fishing…


…the kids both caught fish….


….oyster shell collection…


…family pic….


Here’s hoping for more sunny weather this month!



Weekend Getaway

Things have been quiet on my blog lately!  So I thought I’d give you a glimpse of some fun we had this weekend.

The kids had a long weekend. And Dan wasn’t scheduled to work.  So we headed to the snow!

We went sledding….

family weekend 1

family weekend 2

…we took the kids skiing…

family weekend 6

family weekend 5

…and went on a sleigh ride….

family weekend 3

Such a fun weekend! But as always, it feels good to be home.


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