I’m back!!  Yes, we were on a bit of a vacation.  Eight fantastic, relaxing, fun filled days up at an amazing camp called Malibu.

Dan got to serve as one of their camp doctors. So the family was able to come along and play for the week.

Slowly, we’re getting back into our old routine.  Laundry is nearly done {I lost count at 8 loads} and the refrigerator is stocked with food again.  But oh how we’d love to be back at Malibu….

I’ll try to post more pictures in the next few days.  But I wanted you to know that I am here and still blogging! I just took a bit of a break to be with Dan and the kids.


The Desk – Part 3

The desk project is progressing.  I confess it is a larger project than I had originally imagined.  But I’m fairly certain I will like the end result.

The stripper that I used did a great job of prepping the desk for painting.

And now that the desk is ready, I got to crack open my new can of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Isn’t it pretty?! I love the white shiny can.

The kids were anxious to get their hands on this project too.  So we all donned some of Dan’s old scrubs and got to work.

This was the first time I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  And while I heard the paint dried really flat and chalky looking, I was still surprised when it happened.

And I’m nearly done! Just need to finish up waxing the desk and wait for my drawer pulls to arrive {I ordered them yesterday}.  Then the desk can go to it’s new home in Jack’s bedroom.

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Guest Post – Serenity Now

Have you visited the Serenity Now blog?!  {Don’t you love that name?!}

Amanda is the mom of two sweet little girls and aims for ‘serenity through creativity’.  I think every mom can relate to that!!

Amanda invited me over to her blog today to share one of my favorite tutorials with her readers. Do you remember my simple placemat purse tutorial?!

If you missed this tutorial the first time around, head on over to Serenity Now to read it.  And make sure you browse Amanda’s fun blog while you are over there….you will be inspired!

Have a great day!!



My garden was out of control. Over taken by weeds.  My perennials are growing. They’re blooming. But they were overshadowed by the crazy weeds that were encroaching on their territory.

My mom is an incredible gardener and is always more than willing to help me play catch up in my yard.  So today she came down and we got to work.  We started at one end of the yard and worked and worked our way around until every weed was in the yard waste bin.  It took us a good four hours, but we got it all done.

 Now my dahlia’s have some room to breath.  And soon, hopefully bloom too!

My black eyed susans can see the sun a bit better now too.

For now, the garden is weed free.  My flowers are happy….and so am I.


The Desk – Part 2

I’m discovering that blogging during the summer is more of a challenge than I had originally imagined!  Maybe it’s because the kids are out of school.  Or maybe because we are out at the park and pool when the sun is shining.  Whatever the case, I’ve been slacking on my blogging and I do apologize.

Today I wanted to update you on my desk project.  Remember what it looked like when I brought the desk home?

I sprayed on the stripper and was amazed at how quickly it began to work!

On several parts of the desk, the paint practically fell off.  And on other parts of the desk….

…what a mess! I sprayed stripper and scraped.  Then sprayed more stripper and scraped some more.  Boy oh boy, what a hassle.

Once I felt like I was finally making some progress on the desk, I purchased my first can of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite.

I’m just about done stripping the desk. So soon I can try out my new paint!  Stay tuned for the next update!

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The Desk – Part 1

Before I get started writing about my desk, I wanted to announce that this is my 100th blog post! If I were Ellen or Oprah, I’d have some giant giveaway or party.  But I’m just me. A mom, wife and blogger from the northwest.  So my simple announcement is the only recognition that my 100th post will receive.  OK, back to blogging….

I recently bought a desk from a friend at a garage sale.  It has some character. And the size was right for Jack’s room.  So for a bargain price, I brought the desk home.

The green paint is fun. But it doesn’t match Jack’s room.

So after a quick trip to Lowes….

I’m now armed with the gear to strip off the paint and give the desk a new look!

Stay tuned for updates on my progress!



This week my kiddo’s took a three day golf camp.  Dan doesn’t golf. I don’t golf. But our kids have decided that they want to golf!

I’m amazed at what their little minds have learned. And it was so sweet to watch them practice their golf swings.  And to use the golf lingo {which is completely a different language to me}. And to see them carrying those tiny little golf bags.

Then tonight, they kids helped me assemble some goodie bags for another camp.  We are supporters of a great organization called Young Life.  Every summer, middle school and high school students have the opportunity to attend a camp that will likely be the most amazing week of their lives.  The adults in our community contribute to a snack bag for the kids as they take the bus to camp. And I volunteered to assemble the bags.

The amount of snacks donated was amazing.

Despite the large amount of items, the three of us powered through and got the bags stuffed in no time.

100 campers and leaders. 100 bags of goodies.  All ready for one amazing week.


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