Simple DIY Wall Painting for Christmas

A few weeks ago, I found this great {and simple} DIY Christmas wall hanging at Emily A. Clark’s blog.  {If you don’t already follow her blog, it’s a must read!}

I loved it so much that I made my own!


I’m not an artist. And I can say that it was really easy! Just head over to Emily’s blog for a quick tutorial on how to make your own.

I made several for gifts and it was neat seeing how each one turned out different than the other.

I wasn’t sure where I’d hang mine…..and it finally landed in my powder room!

duck cloth wall hanging simple diy art project


Thanks for stopping by today! Hard to believe that it’s only a few more days until Christmas.  I hope you’re ready to celebrate and can avoid the mall these next few days.


Tart Pan Ornaments with My Sweet Savannah

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to go to a craft night hosted by Melaine at My Sweet Savannah.

It was a bit of a drive for me, but completely worth it.  Not only did I make a few fun ornaments….

vintage joy tin  at home in the northwest

…but I also met a group of lovely women.

When Dan asked how the craft night went, I told him that making the craft was super fun. But meeting so many great ladies was even better! {This is where I’m supposed to insert a picture of all the great people that were there.  But I was the new gal and felt dumb dragging out my camera. So I didn’t.  And that leaves me picture-less.}

For a tutorial on making the tart pan ornaments, please visit Melaine’s blog.

Melaine was also in garage sale/purging mode. So we got to dig through boxes of fun stuff after we were done crafting.  I came home with a few goodies.  One of which is this fun old clock.

vintage clock  at home in the northwest

It’s been moved around the house a few times already.  It works so many different places! Thank you, Melaine, for sharing your fun ‘junk’ with us! And thank you for hosting a craft night!


Monogrammed Wall Hanging Tutorial

I’m in the process of re-doing Emmie’s bedroom {and I recently blogged about the perfect {barely there} gray paint for her room}.  I was sad to take down some of her fun wall decor, like this DIY monogram wall hanging that I made!  I blogged about this quite a long time ago.  But I thought this was a great opportunity to share the tutorial with you yet again!

It looks like her monogram is painted directly on the wall….but it’s really a framed piece of art.

Here is a quick tutorial on this optical illusion.  You can create a framed monogram that looks like it’s part of your wall in just a few easy steps.

1. Select a frame. 

My frame was a champagne color, which wasn’t  the color I wanted for her room.  I spray painted the frame a chocolate color and used steel wool to lightly distress the frame, letting the gold undertones come through.

 2. Cut plywood to fit in frame.

Measure the opening of your frame from the back.  Cut a piece of plywood (or have Lowe’s cut it for you) that fits inside the frame, without the glass. Make sure that both the plywood AND the back of the frame fit in the opening.  This may require a thinner piece of plywood than expected.

3.  Spray the plywood with wall texture.

After reading the label on the can, spray your plywood with the suggested amount of texture. If you mess up, remember there is always the back side of the plywood! But honestly, I don’t think you can mess this step up.

4. Paint plywood.

After the wall texture dries, paint your plywood the same color as your wall.

5. Print out letters for monogram.

You can use vinyl letters for this step, or you can print them using your computer.  I don’t have Photoshop so I did mine the old school way….cut and paste!  Using a photo copier, I enlarged the letters to fit onto the wood.   Then I cut and taped them together, making sure it was spaced an appropriate amount.

6.  Trace letters onto plywood.

Place a piece of carbon paper behind your letters and begin tracing.  The carbon paper will leave an outline of the letters on the plywood.

7.  Paint letters.

Using an acrylic craft paint in a dark chocolate color, I painted the monogram.  This may take about 20 or 30 minutes, depending on how much of a perfectionist you are.  You may want to grab a diet coke and turn on some music or the tv while you work.

8. Put plywood back into frame.

Put the plywood in your frame and secure the back of the frame in place.  Then hang it up on your wall, sit back and enjoy!!


I love how it turned out and was so sad to take it down!  Maybe I’ll paint hers gray and hang it up in her newly decorated bedroom.

What do you think!?


May Day Guest Post

Today I’m over at Lori May Interiors!

Screen shot 2013-03-01 at 9.50.43 PM

I have a fun guest post on May Day flower arrangements!


There are lots of ideas so come on over to check it out!

jen 2012 Holiday Countdown

Do you remember when I mentioned that selected my $7 personalized doormat tutorial to be featured on their website?!

Well, it’s almost time!! Starting December 1st, is doing a 2012 Holiday Countdown.  Every day in December will feature a new item. And one of those days will be my $7 personalized doormat tutorial!  I don’t know which day it will be featured, but I will most definitely keep you updated.

If you would like to sign up for their daily holiday email so that my doormat post will appear in your email inbox, simply click here (or click on this button below).

This will direct you to a screen where you can plug in your email address.  You will only receive a daily email for the 2012 Holiday Countdown. At the end of the 31 days, no more emails will be sent to your inbox.

I’m so excited! I will let you know when I find out the exact date for my feature. And don’t forget to sign up for their email!



Joy to the World Chalkboard Art

Yes, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my house.  Last weekend when Dan hung our Christmas lights, he also bought down all of the Christmas bins.   And since we’re not entertaining for Thanksgiving, I decided it was ok to put away all of the fall decor and slowly bring out a few wintery items.

I haven’t put out much.  An evergreen tree here. A red wreath there.  I erased the pumpkins from my table top chalkboard and wanted to write something appropriate for the holidays.  I immediately went to my Pinterest board where I have saved a bunch of chalkboard art.

I came across this:

via etsy

And I assumed I could tackle that project! So I pulled out my handy dandy chalkboard pen and simple started drawing.  I looked at my computer, then tried to recreate it on my chalkboard.

It didn’t take too much time. And it was really fun to watch the letters come to life!

What do you think? It’s not perfect like the Etsy version. But I love it!

I can’t wait to draw something on another chalkboard!

Do you need chalkboard ideas? Check out my Pinterest board!

Have a great weekend!!


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How to Build a Tabletop Chalkboard

Last week I wrote about the chalkboard centerpieces that I made for a Young Life fundraiser.  And today, I’ll share the simple tutorial with you.

You will need:

2 – 1×10 boards cut to your desired length (mine were about 12″ tall)  *  hinge  *  2 eye hooks  *  twine  *   chalkboard paint  * bakers twine or ribbon {optional}

 1.  cut wood to 12″ high {or to your desired height}

2. sand to a smooth finish

3. spray with chalkboard paint

4. hinge the top {I used one larger hinge, but you can also use 2 smaller hinges if you prefer.}

5.  add an eye hook at the inside bottom of each piece of wood

6. use string or twine to stablize the chalkboard when it’s upright

7.  tie a fun ribbon or grosgrain ribbon to the bottom of the chalkboard for added color

8.  cure the chalkboard by rubbing chalk over both sides – then wipe off with a dry cloth

9. your chalkboard is ready to use!

The chalkboards are so fun – and yet so simple! It would make a great gift for yourself or a friend.  Don’t you love it?!


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Male Teacher Gifts

Today was the open house at the elementary school. The kids got to go meet their teachers. find their desk and drop off their school supplies.  I always like to bring a little something for the teachers.  It’s usually it’s in the form of a bouquet of flowers from my garden…

But this year, Jack has a male teacher.  What to do?!  I’m sure he doesn’t get too excited about a lovely bouquet displayed in a ball jar, with a note and some twine wrapped around it!

So I did a little looking online and found a cute idea on Pinterest, of course.  I found the A&W logo from the internet and created this fun note…

…then attached it with some twine to a six pack of root beer!

I think the teachers liked their gifts!  I know the kids enjoyed delivering them today!


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Planting Succulents in Old Silver

Yesterday I finished up some teacher gifts where I planted succulents inside old books.  There ended up being a few plants left over, so I went searching through my cabinets for something fun to plant them in.  I came across some of my grandma’s silver tea service and my baby cup. Perfect!

I know succulents like to be in dry soil. And since there is no drainage in this silver, I added a few rocks to the bottom so the soil didn’t remain too wet.

I then added the succulents and some soil. Quick. And easy.

I put them in my kitchen, so now I have something fun to look at when I’m doing dishes!!


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Planting Succulents Inside a Book

Remember when my sister-in-law made me a ‘book plant‘ for my birthday?  I’ve enjoyed mine so much that I thought they would make great teacher gifts {yes, those of us that live in the northwest are still in school!}! This weekend I made two of them, and I love how they turned out!

Keep reading to learn how to make one.


Gather supplies.

Visit the Good Will or Value Village to purchase some old hardback books.  Don’t worry much about what the paper cover looks like.  Just remove it!  It’s most likely that there is a pretty and simple looking book under that decorative cover!

Purchase succulents at your local gardening or grocery store.


Cut an opening in the book.

Open the front cover and measure the opening.  Then begin cutting.

You will be able to cut through a section of book pages at a time. But the process can seem a bit daunting, depending on how thick your book is.


Line the opening with parchment paper or wax paper.

For the first book, I pre-cut the wax paper and lined the opening in the book.   But planting the succulents proved to be a messy job.  So for the next book, I laid a big piece of wax paper down and cut it after I planted them. I liked this way much better.


Plant succulents in the book opening.

You can see that I was a bit messy.   This was the book with the pre-cut wax paper.


Place moss on top of the dirt. 

The moss will give the book plant a finished look and it will also cover any wax paper that is showing.

I put a bit of water on the moss to help it squish together and fit on top of the dirt.


Place book on your shelf or give as a gift.

How to care for your book plant:

Succulents like DRY dirt. So for you non-green thumbs out there, this might be right up your alley!  For a typical succulent in a pot, it is recommended that you water it once a month.  But you can’t really water this  since it’s in a book.  I recommend getting a water bottle and spraying the moss and dirt once a week or every two weeks.  That’s what I’ve been doing with my book plant and it’s seemed to do the job!


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