Painting: Family Room Update

A few weeks ago, we had the main floor of our house painted.  What a difference new paint can make!!  I shared a few pictures of our newly painted entry (And I still have more pictures to share!)  But today, I’ll show you our family room.   The wall color is the same as the entry: Benjamin Moor Classic Gray.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 3.29.20 PM


In case you forgot what the family room looked like, here is a before picture.


… B E F O R E …


… B E F O R E …

And now, with a fresh coat of Benjamin Moor Classic Gray paint…..

 . . . t h e   a f t e r . . .

family room update - ben moore classic gray

I think the picture below is my favorite.  If you look at the before pictures, I had an old door propped here.  When we painted, I of course had to move things out of the room. When we pushed the couch back in place, I decided to move around the wall decor. This chalkboard found a new home here.

The cotton stem is from everyone’s favorite new HGTV show, Fixer Upper.  I ordered a bunch from Magnolia Homes and this stem was an extra one that didn’t fit in my vase…so it found a casual home on top of this frame!

FAMILY ROOM ben moore classic gray chalkboard print

magnolia homes cotton stems on gold chalkboard frame

And here is a peek to the right of our sectional…

FAMILY ROOM ben moore classic gray old doors with wreath

I have an old cabinet that was always a challenge to open up. So I took the doors off! Now the cabinet is more functional, and I now have a fun  accessory to decorate with….old cabinet doors!

old chippy doors with boxwood wreath and ribbon

I had a faded boxwood wreath in my garage that I hung from black and white striped ribbon.  It felt good to put the old wreath to use (instead of throwing it out).  And I love how it brightened up the doors!


Now, swinging over to the others side of the room sits Dan’s chair.  It’s the Hathaway Swivel Glider from Crate and Barrel. We special ordered it in a linen fabric about 18 months ago.  I think it blends nicely with the couch.


And recently, I picked up this lumbar pillow on a whim from World Market.  I hadn’t planned on putting it on this chair, but I love it there!

world market black and cream stripe pillow close up

There are still a few tweaks that we need to make to the room {like replacing the well loved area rug}. But for now, painting the room was the perfect update!

FAMILY ROOM ben moore classic gray gallery wall pottery barn sectional

Thanks for humoring me and looking through my many pictures today!


Minted Artwork

Happy 2015, everyone!

Over the past few months, I’ve started slowly updating our master bedroom.  It’s been a LONG time coming!  Why is the master bedroom often the most ignored room in the house?  I will be posting some pictures of the bedroom on the blog soon.  I just hate putting the ‘before’ shots up because let’s face it, it’s not pretty. But I will be vulnerable and share the ugly truth….just not today.

Over the holidays, I ordered our Christmas cards from Minted and started looking through their art marketplace to decorate our bedroom wall.  They have an incredible amount of art! And at reasonable prices too!

There is everything from photography….

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 5.37.58 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 2.13.14 PM

…to abstract art…

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 5.28.06 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 2.07.51 PM

…to drawings and paintings…

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 5.41.19 PM

Did you know that Minted also has some really fun save the date cards? Dan and I are approaching our 18th anniversary in a few weeks.  Maybe I was just in a fog, but save the date cards weren’t much ‘a thing’ when we got married.  But they’re so handy now…and so fun to receive in the mail!

Here are a few of my favorite save the date cards from Minted….

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 5.09.02 PM

or this simple one….

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 5.08.24 PM

And this doesn’t even scratch the surface of what Minted  has to offer!  Basically, if you have ANY paper needs, head over to! I’m sure they have what you need!

I plan to continue browsing’s art section for our master bedroom.  And I’ll be sure to blog about which pieces we choose!


One Room Challenge Week 5 – Powder Room Update

I’m happy to announce that my bathroom is complete!  Though it wasn’t a big room to makeover….so it was very manageable to complete in a six week period. And here we are at only week 5!  If you’ve missed the previous weeks, you can catch up here (week 1week 2week 3, week 4).

This week I’ll share my last few decisions with you!  I finally chose  a rug and finished the medicine cabinet.  And next week…..the big reveal of the completed room!

Let’s first start with the cabinet….here’s a peek at the before:

Bathroom Cabinet .... at home in the northwest blog

I gave it a fresh coat of white paint (using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that was leftover from Emmie’s room makeover).  And the knobs and hinges got a touch of gold spray paint left over from my mirror debacle!



Fabric was switched out to this John Robshaw fabric.


And here is a look at the finished cabinet!


 Amazing what a little paint and fabric can do!

And now the rugs….that was another long and involved process.  I wanted as big of a rug as possible, but it’s not a huge room. So I was a bit limited.

I found a few great rugs that were navy blue and white….just what I was looking for.  But unfortunately, I ran into a few issues.

The first rug was too big for the room.

rug that's too big

The next was too small.

too small rug

Then there was the rug that was too thick! The door wouldn’t open up (and I wasn’t 100% sold on the blue anyway…).


{Is this starting to sound a touch like Goldilocks and The Three Bears?!}

So, I kept searching.

I tried an indoor/outdoor rug from Home Decorators.  The color online didn’t look 100% perfect for the bathroom.  But I was hopeful it would be ‘the one’ when it arrived.

Wrong. I didn’t love the blue. Or the beige trim.  It was too blah for me.

blue trellis rug from home decorators

The runner up was a great little rug from Target.


While it wasn’t the winner for the bathroom right now,  I think I may keep it for when I want to freshen up the look in there.

And after all of that shopping, you won’t believe the rug that I’m using…’s one that I had in my entry!

gray target zig zag rug 2

It’s a gray rug. Not navy as I’d initially planned. But the size and thickness worked (which were nonnegotiables for this room).  So I had to be a bit flexible on the color.

gray target zig zag rug

Maybe someday the perfect navy rug will cross my path. For now, I’m quite happy with my little $29 Target purchase from my entry!

Next week is the big bathroom reveal! Make sure you come back to see the finished product! We’ll take one more look at the before and then look at the updated version!

There are a lot of other bloggers participating in the One Room Challenge as well! Hope over to Calling it Home to check them out!


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One Room Challenge – Round 2

Do you remember when I participated in the One Room Challenge this past fall, hosted by Calling it Home?   I gave Emmie’s room a makeover in a six week period.


There are no special invitations to participate.  And there are no awards.  Just the challenge to take on a project and share your work throughout the six weeks!

And now it’s time for round two!

SAVE THE DATE copy copy

This Thursday, another One Room Challenge begins.  And after much thought and consideration, I decided to participate!

You’ll have to come back on Thursday, April 3rd, to find out which room I’ll tackle!


Visual Comfort Studio Star Lantern vs. Pottery Barn Talbot Lantern

I’m always on the search for a new light fixture over my kitchen table.  We didn’t love the chandelier that came with our house.  So a few years ago, we replaced it with a bargain chandy from Ikea.  It’s been a great place holder, but when we re-do the kitchen, I’d love an updated light fixture as well.

My favorite has been this beauty from Visual Comfort….


visual comfort

It retails for $1199 but is currently on sale for $839.

Much to my surprise, I recently opened up the Pottery Barn catalog to discover the Visual Comfort twin!


pottery barn

The Talbot Lantern retails for $349.  Quite a significant difference for the same exact look!

But before you rush off and purchase Pottery Barn’s Talbot, you must compare the dimensions between the two lanterns.  Visual Comfort’s Studio Star Lantern is significantly larger.

PB Talbot Lantern: 15″ square x 19 tall

Visual Comfort Studio Star Lantern: 18″ wide x 29″ tall

Maybe the Visual Comfort Studio Star would be better suited for a larger space, such as an entry….and the PB Talbot for over a kitchen table.

For now, I’ll just keep dreaming about an updated light fixture.  And hopefully one of these beauties will still be available when I’m ready to take the plunge!


My Favorite Valentine Downloads

I feel like I’m a fairly crafty mom.  But making valentines isn’t something I’ve put much {ahem, any!} effort into.

My kids really don’t mind the store bought, cheap pack of Valentine’s cards.  But this year, every time I went to Target, I forgot to buy them!  So I decided to browse Pinterest and see what others had created and were willing to share.

I was pleasantly surprised with the large selection of Valentine’s online.  Here is a look at the two selections made by my kiddo’s.

Jack is 10 so that eliminates a lot of cards that are too young for his class mates.  He has always loved origami.  So when I came across this cute paper airplane Valentine, I knew this folding project be right up his alley!



/// to download the paper airplane Valentine, click here \\\

And like most households of elementary school aged kids, we have been overcome with the Rainbow Loom craze.  So this next Valentine seemed like an obvious selection for Emmie. {And I secretly hope it helps us offload some of the many bracelets we have lying around the house!}



///to download the bracelet Valentine, click here\\\

It looks like a great deal of effort was put into our Valentine’s this year, but it was so simple!  It only took me a few minutes to print them out. And the kids took the project from there!

Are you using store bought Valentine’s, using a free download from online or making your own?



How to spray paint your rubber {Hunter} boots

A friend of mine was given a pair of old Hunter boots for her daughter.  They were worn and the pink color was very faded.  So much so that they were rather flesh colored.

I suggested she {ahem…I} paint them!

hunter boots before spray paint  at home in the northwest

Gray was the chosen color.  So for the price of a can of spray paint, these cute boots were transformed!

First I covered up the Hunter label with painters tape.cover the label with painters tape at home in the northwest

Then start painting! I used a spray paint that specifically said it was good for plastic.  [Maybe all spray paints can be used on plastic?]


And a couple of coats of paint later…..



Can you believe it!?  So cute. So fun. And so easy!

I’ll be honest, the paint did run a bit.  But with the help of some fine sandpaper, I fixed the problem.  I’m sure the paint will rub off over time.  But I have a feeling it should hold up through this winter!

I love an easy [and cheap!] transformation!


One Room Challenge {ORC}

Linda, at Calling it Home, runs a semi-annual event that she calls a “One Room Challenge” {or ORC}. She invites 20 bloggers to join her in this fun event, where they transform a room in a 6 week period.

Here is a list of the participants:

ORCBanner Fall 13

It’s really a lot of fun to watch these talented decorators transform a room.

This time around, she included the above bloggers as well as all of us!!!  So starting TOMORROW, October 3rd, she will create a link party for those interested to post their ORC project up to.

So guess what!? That means that I will be participating!

Which room might I be transforming!?  Here is a clue to those that know me personally or following me on Instagram or Twitter…

…’s a room I’ve actually already started…..

{I hope that’s not breaking any rules!  I just haven’t blogged about my projects and am stuck mid project.}

I just need the motivation to complete the room. And the ORC event is just the challenge I need.

So come back tomorrow to find out more about the room I’ve selected!


The beginning of fall….

It is starting to feel like fall.

I look in my backyard and see the leaves falling on the ground…

at home in the northwest 1

And for every flower I have that is still in bloom, there is one next to it that is dying…

at home in the northwest 2

Today started out really foggy so I assumed it would also be cold.  We headed off to Jack’s first football game of the season. And while it LOOKED like fall, it did not feel like fall!  By the time the fog lifted, I wished I had worn shorts and a tank top!

at home in the nw 4

Jack got to carry the ball a bit in the game….

at home in the nw 6

And we won – 13 to 12!!

After we went home to cool off from the heat wave, we headed back out to Emmie’s soccer game.

at home in the nw 7

She got to play goalie.

at home in the nw 8

And she scored a goal too!

at home in the nw 9

It was a fun day. And it felt very much like the start to fall {minus me wearing jeans in 75 degree weather!}

Welcome fall!


Remember the farmhouse bed that I’m building?


This weekend I have been working on filling nails holes and caulking the edges.


Here are a few things that I have learned throughout this project:

{1} I’m not very neat and tidy when using caulk.

{2} This project is taking much longer than I thought it would. I wish I’d kept a log of my hours!

{3} Building your own bed seems like a way to save a few bucks.  But I’ve made so many trips to Lowes that I can’t imagine I’ve actually saved anything!

{4} Next time, I am going to and just ordering a finished bed.

Ok, on to my project….

After my second trip to Lowe’s today (see #3 above}, I was ready to start painting.


The first coat of primer dried so fast, I put on a second coat just for fun! {well, maybe not for fun… I’m not sure that this project is really ‘fun’ anymore}.


Now I need to work on the bed rails.  How high should I attach them? Do I want to leave room so I can build a trundle?! {Yes, build a trundle.  You see, now I’m committed …. I can’t just go BUY a trundle for this bed…I have to build one. In the future, I will reference point #4 above}.

All joking aside, I am proud of the bed. Yes, there are flaws and it is far from perfect {the headboard has a certain ‘lean’ to it}.  But I am building it for my daughter, in my garage, with my own tools.  So while it’s been a lot of work, it’s been a labor of love.


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